Why hard-boiled eggs are good for losing weight?


Is hard boiled eggs good for losing weight?

Why eggs are a killer weight loss food

Eggs are among the healthiest foods you can eat.

They are rich in high quality proteins, healthy fats and many essential vitamins and minerals.

The eggs also have some unique properties that make them people friendly with weight loss.

This article explains why whole eggs are a lethal food to lose weight.

Eggs are low in calories

The simplest way to lose weight is to reduce your daily calorie intake.

A large egg contains only 78 calories, but it is very high in nutrients. Egg yolks are especially nutritious (1).

An egg meal commonly consists of around 2 to 4 eggs. Three large boiled eggs contain less than 240 calories.

By adding a generous serving of vegetables, you can have a full meal for only about 300 calories.

Just keep in mind that if you fry your eggs in oil or butter, you will add approximately 50 calories for each teaspoon used.


A large egg contains about 78 calories. A meal consisting of 3 eggs and boiled vegetables contains only about 300 calories.

The eggs are very stuffed

The eggs are incredibly dense in nutrients and are filled, mainly due to their high protein content (2).

It is known that high protein foods reduce appetite and increase fullness, compared to foods that contain less protein (3, 4, 5, 6).

Studies have repeatedly shown that egg foods increase fullness and reduce food intake during later meals, compared to other foods with the same caloric content (7, 8, 9).

Eggs also have a high rank on a scale called the Satiety Index. This scale assesses how well foods help you feel full and reduce your calorie intake later (10).

In addition, consuming a high protein diet can reduce obsessive thoughts about food by up to 60%. It can also reduce the desire for nighttime snacks by half (11, 12).


Eggs have a high rank on the Satiety Index scale, which means they can help you feel fuller for longer. Protein-rich foods, such as eggs, can also help you eat less between meals.

Eggs can increase your metabolism

The eggs contain all the essential amino acids, and in the correct proportions.

This means that your body can easily use the protein in eggs for maintenance and metabolism.

It has been shown that consuming a diet rich in protein increases the metabolism up to 80 to 100 calories per day, through a process called thermal effect of food (13, 14).

The thermal effect of food is the energy required by the body to metabolize food and is higher for proteins than for fats or carbohydrates (13, 14, 15).

This means that high-protein foods, such as eggs, help burn more calories.


A high protein diet can increase your metabolism up to 80 to 100 calories per day, as additional energy is needed to help metabolize the protein in your food.

Eggs are a great way to start your day

Eating eggs for breakfast seems to be especially beneficial for losing weight.

Many studies have compared the effects of eating eggs in the morning versus eating other breakfasts with the same caloric content.

Several studies of overweight women showed that eating eggs instead of muffins increased their feeling of fullness and made them consume fewer calories in the next 36 hours.

It has also been shown that breakfast with eggs cause up to 65% more weight loss, for 8 weeks (7, 9).

A similar study in men came to the same conclusion, showing that a breakfast with egg significantly reduced calorie intake for the next 24 hours, compared to a bagel breakfast. The egg eaters also felt fuller (16).

In addition, breakfast with eggs caused a more stable glucose and insulin response in the blood, while suppressing ghrelin (the hunger hormone) (16).

Another study in 30 healthy and fit young men compared the effects of three types of breakfasts on three different occasions. These were eggs on toast, cereal with milk and toast, and croissant with orange juice.

The breakfast with eggs caused a significantly higher satiety, less hunger and less desire to eat than the other two breakfasts.

In addition, eating eggs for breakfast made men automatically eat between 270 and 470 fewer calories at lunch and dinner buffets, compared to other breakfasts (17).

This impressive reduction in calorie intake was involuntary and effortless. The only thing they did was eat eggs at breakfast.


Eating eggs for breakfast can increase your feeling of fullness and make you automatically eat fewer calories, up to 36 hours.

Eggs are cheap and easy to prepare

You can try the best boiled egg diet (see more details here)

Incorporating eggs into your diet is very easy.

They are cheap, widely available and can be prepared in minutes.

And if you are very serious about losing weight, you must try now, nothing to lose, and all the world to gain.

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