Boiled egg diet: How many eggs should you eat in a day?

Now we live in a world where it is almost impossible to escape the omnipresence of processed foods. Not only prepared meals, but most of the raw ingredients that are used to cook our final meals are also processed in nature.

This has led to a deviation from the processed to what can be obtained naturally and included in the diet. As more and more people struggle to maintain a healthy balance between work and life, little attention is paid to the daily diet. This facilitates fad diets to make inroads into our lives. While little is known about the actual effectiveness of most of these popular diets, they are exceptionally attractive in causing some of us to fall prey to them.

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One of our most recent discoveries was the cooked egg diet. The cooked egg diet has several versions, and one of them looks like a recipe for self-destruction, where you’re supposed to have boiled eggs for all your meals! Eat about 6 eggs in one day! It sounds like a meal plan for a person preparing for a serious athletic competition.

It is a well-known fact that eggs are a good source of protein and fat. Going overboard with them and depriving your body of the essential food groups will surely result in a loss of weight, but also in the deprivation of other essential nutrients. Bottom line? No, you should not have 6 eggs in a day.

Experts suggest one or at most two eggs in a day. Eggs can heat your body from the inside, so in peak summers, it is recommended that you stick to just one per day. Excessive consumption of eggs can lead to high cholesterol levels.

Eggs are a storehouse of nutrients. Eggs are a source of high quality protein. Proteins repair muscles, control blood sugar levels, provide immunity and strength. The eggs have been tied to start weight loss. However, the yolk has been notoriously related to the increase in cholesterol levels and the weight gain trigger.

Due to this reason, people in a high-intensity physical exercise regime consume eggs without yolk. Experts from around the world adopted the concept of the cooked egg diet and modified it to make weight loss plans that not only ensure a healthy weight loss, but also a regular supply of essential micronutrients.

It is known that eggs, when eaten for breakfast, induce satiety in people who feel full for a long time. Eggs are loaded with protein, if you’re burning calories, there’s nothing like eggs to replace fat loss with a little lean muscle. These are thermogenic and help stimulate the metabolism and burn calories.

One of the studies published in the US National Library of Medicine. UU The National Institute of Health studied 30 women with a BMI of at least 25 kg / M2. Participants aged between 25 and 60 years old were made to eat eggs. It was found that, “during the pre-lunch period, participants experienced a greater feeling of fullness after breakfast with eggs and consumed significantly less energy.” The energy intake after breakfast with eggs was kept lower throughout the day and the next 36 hours. ”


Cooked egg nutrition: eggs also help keep bones and muscles healthy and strong.

Eggs also help keep bones and muscles healthy and strong. It should be taken into account that an average adult, with a moderate intensity exercise routine, should not consume more than 2 eggs in a day. How you have the eggs is also important.

Hard-boiled eggs are your best bet since they are free of excess oil or fat or extra calories. Some other versions of The Boiled Egg Diet may recommend consuming a couple of eggs at least twice a day with a mixture of vegetables, salads or fruits. These dietary regimens are predominantly based on the elimination or regulation of carbohydrates in the diet to induce weight loss.

“I would never recommend a diet of this kind, it is too much cholesterol and fat in the body.A maximum of 2 eggs a day would be enough for an average adult, one whole and one egg white, which is better consumed during breakfast. egg whites with quality proteins, those that require more protein can easily meet the requirement through other foods such as lean meats. The boiled eggs are one of the best ways to consume eggs. Don’t forget that you can always poach them or make them an omelette, all of these are healthy, “Dr. Rupali Datta, former clinical nutritionist, Fortis Hospital, New Delhi.

And if you are very serious about losing weight, you must try now, nothing to lose, and all the world to gain.

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