Chilean scientists discover a potential way to diagnose Alzheimer’s through the eyes


A recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports, by Nature, reveals a technique applied with mathematical modeling that could detect the presence of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, before their most characteristic symptoms appear.

Both Alzheimer’s, as well as other neurodegenerative diseases, are very difficult to diagnose early. However, a group of Chilean researchers conducted a study that could provide an innovative way to investigate this disease through the eyes. Especially, through the electrical signals generated in the retina before different visual stimuli.

The article was recently published in the journal Nature’s Scientific Reports. There, this group of health professionals and engineers, made up of Joaquín Araya-Arriagada; Sebastian Garay; Cristobal Rojas; Claudia Duran-Aniotz, Adrian Palacios; Max Chacón and Leonel Medina, managed to demonstrate through mathematical modeling a relationship between the function of electrical activity and the early presence of this type of dementia that affects about 35 million people on the planet, according to the World Health Organization. Health.

“What we do in this study is to mathematically model a concept that exists in physiology, called “complexity”. The idea is that the complexity of a brain decreases, either with age or with disease. And, on the contrary, as long as it works well, high rates of complexity will be shown”, says Cristóbal Rojas, one of the researchers of this study and professor at the Institute of Mathematical and Computational Engineering of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (IMC).

According to Rojas, who is also a doctor in Mathematics and Computer Science, “complexity” is difficult to capture or measure mathematically. However, there are some signs or traces left by this complexity that can be measured. “What we do is use or adapt a tool, based on the notion of entropy, which does not precisely measure this complexity, but rather measures the level of disorder in general. There are multiple parts that come together at different scales to determine this complex behavior,” he explains.

In this context, in this particular work it was possible to measure these parameters for two groups of rats: one genetically modified to develop the disease, and the other half healthy. Both groups were shown different visual stimuli, such as lights at different intensities and a first-person video walking through a forest, in order to measure the electrical activity in the retina. “That electrical activity, over time, draws a pattern that we apply an entropy measurement to that allows us to estimate the complexity levels,” Rojas details.

This complexity, in itself, is the way in which the electrical communication between neurons is organized. Then, and as detailed by the academic, when making this visual stimulus the neuron reacts and works in a certain way, they connect and emit electrical signals with each other.

Alzheimer’s through the eyes
“What we observed is that mice, both older and those with Alzheimer’s disease, show a lower degree of complexity than young, healthy mice. So, at least we were able to find evidence that this tool could be used to distinguish these two groups and make an early diagnosis”, describes the researcher of this study. This, according to Rojas, is evidence of a potential method to diagnose the presence of this type of dementia early, before its most characteristic symptoms appear.

Cristóbal Rojas, one of the researchers of this study and professor at the Institute of Mathematical and Computational Engineering of the Catholic University (IMC).

Cristóbal Rojas, one of the researchers of this study and professor at the Institute of Mathematical and Computational Engineering of the Catholic University (IMC).
Alzheimer’s, which accounts for nearly 70% of all types of dementia, develops and worsens over time, with symptoms appearing several years after neurodegeneration began to occur. “This study detects the decrease in complexity that would appear early. A little after the retina begins to have the presence of the ‘Tau protein’, which manifests itself when Alzheimer’s begins to develop. It is not a prediction of the disease, but rather it is a much earlier diagnosis than can be analyzed through the symptoms”, adds the researcher from the Catholic University.

There are still many studies to be carried out to apply this type of procedure in humans, explains Cristóbal Rojas. To have a good projection in this research, humans would have to be in front of these visual stimuli for a certain time, in order to have a pattern of electrical activity in the retina of people. “In this way, the ranges considered as “normal” or sick, at a certain age, could be established. But for that, it is necessary to understand well the evolution of the pattern of complexity over time”, concludes the Chilean scientist.

Science discovers the impact of quarantine on aging


Scientists from the Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University (MSUPE) studied the impact of quarantine on the biopsychological age of the disabled.

It was established that the majority of those who went to work after confinement feel subjectively younger than a year ago, but the biological rhythm of aging increased. The results of the research were published in the journal Modern Foreign Psychology.

MSUPE scientists have long studied the biopsychological age of adults:
the general characteristic of the state of an individual,
your somatic and psychological health,
the correspondence of personal and physiological characteristics to age norms.

The concept of biopsychological age can be described with the use of two scales: biological age and psychological age.
According to experts, the first study was conducted in 2019; the second in 2020 (after about six months of quarantine). The factors that cause stress were established: the illness itself, post-traumatic stress and the factors of quarantine (social isolation, changes in diet, a reduction in physical activity and anxiety). The research included workers over 35 years of age, retirees who work and who do not work with chronic diseases.

To analyze psychological age, the scientists used the “method of independent determination of psychological age”: the participants in the trial determined their age using a 100-point scale; and the “relative psychological aging index” to compare the psychological and actual age of the trial participants. Negative figures show that an individual feels that his age is younger than the real one.
“The research highlighted that, after about six months of the quarantine, the majority of the respondents who work subjectively felt that they are younger than in reality and younger than a year ago, before the quarantine,” says the professor Head of the Department of Scientific Foundations of Extreme Psychology of the Faculty of Extreme Psychology of the MSUPE, Tatiana Beriózina.
According to her, women began to feel younger by an average of 3.3 years (adults) and 7.2 years (retired), and men, by 6.8 years (adults) and 4.7 years ( retired).

The indicator of relative biological aging (the comparison of biological age and proper biological age) made it possible to assess the extent to which an individual is older than he should be, according to established norms. To measure biological age, the researchers used the indicators of various body systems: blood pressure, stopping of breathing, after inspiration, maintenance of static balance in the left foot with eyes closed, weight, subjective assessment of The diseases.
“It is curious that the biological age of retirees with chronic diseases has not changed, while the biological age of people who work increased more than a year, as would happen in the normal aging process”, highlights Tatiana Beriózina.

According to the scientists, the impact of confinement on the somatic health indicators of individuals was diverse. The weight of women did not change during the quarantine. The assessment of their health status by men and women of all groups remained at the same level as well. Several health indicators even improved during the quarantine: pulse pressure indicators were normalized in adult women who work and retired women with chronic diseases; systolic blood pressure normalized in men.
“Quarantine had a strong negative impact on people’s physical development. They reduced their physical activity or stopped exercising and, in general, began to move less, so the characteristics of the body’s physical preparation worsened drastically. In all of them the groups decreased the time of maintaining static equilibrium, the ability of an individual to stand on one foot with their eyes closed, “says Beriózina.

Researchers noted that balance maintenance time for adult women was reduced by 26% and for retired women with chronic illnesses, by 13%. These indicators were also reduced in the groups of men: 37% in the group of adults who work and the respective trend was noted in the group of retired people who work. In addition, in the group of men, the time to stop breathing after inspiration was reduced: 4% in the group of retired people who do not work with chronic diseases, and the respective trend was noted in the other groups.
The research was carried out with financial support from the Russian Scientific Foundation, project No. 19-18-00058.

Scientists identify the key to extending our human life dramatically



THE IDEA THAT WE CAN EXTEND OUR LIVES far beyond a century conjures up images of humans stored in cryogenic chambers and decapitated heads preserved in jars, kept alive by humming machines – in other words, science fiction.

But if a new study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications is anything to go through, such a dramatically prolonged life is not a fantasy at all. The study, which combines data from blood tests and information on physical exercise to identify a new measure of “biological age.” The findings suggest that there is an aspect of human longevity that may be crucial if we are ever to reach our full potential. Contrary to intuition, it has nothing to do with illness or a lifestyle choice.

“What we’re saying here is that the strategy of reducing frailty, so reducing the burden of disease, has only an incremental ability to improve your life expectancy,” Peter Fedichev tells Inverse. Fedichev is the lead author of the study and a researcher at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He is also a co-founder of the longevity startup Gero.

According to Fedichev and his team, humanity can do better than simply treat disease. In fact, if these results are validated, our species could begin to live for decades even longer than the maximum lifespan they determined: 150 years.

HERE’S THE VIEW – The study identifies patterns of aging and morbidity to extract the maximum possible “biological age” from humans. To do this, the researchers collected blood sample analysis data from 544,398 participants and combined it with Fitbit data from a separate, smaller subset of people. They then used the data to predict the onset of various diseases and to determine patterns in how people’s “biological age” seemed to change over time.

The “biological age” is essentially the age of the cells in your body, rather than their chronological age. To increase life expectancy, it is necessary to reduce biological age compared to chronological age. Various lifestyle choices can make a difference. If you start smoking, start a new exercise regimen, or even move to a more rural area, your biological age can decrease and increase over time. It does not remain constant.

As age and a more dynamic factor called “DOSI” increases, our ability to bounce back from disturbances deteriorates. Gero PTE. LTD.

As age increases and a more dynamic factor called “DOSI” increases, our ability to recover from disturbances deteriorates. Gero PTE. LIMITED.
In the new study, the researchers found that one factor appeared to drive individual fluctuations in biological age, a value the researchers call the “dynamic quantitative indicator of the body’s state.” To understand this measure, the researchers explain it like this: As you age, your rate of recovery from different stresses – be it illness, lack of sleep, or even hard exercise – slows down. In other words, it takes longer and longer to return to its baseline level of resilience. Therefore, people’s resistance to stress is the key to determining their longevity.

“If you don’t focus on loss of resilience, any medical intervention will fail,” the researchers write in the study.

WHY IT MATTERS: If medicine advances to the point where the diseases of aging can be cured, then researchers estimate that humans can age even longer than the maximum life expectancy they determined without addressing resilience: 120-150 years . Beyond that, our resilience deteriorates beyond the point of no return. Even the healthiest people who live longer and resist the onset of chronic diseases cannot expect to live beyond this age, they say, because their ability to recover would have been completely exhausted.

Now, 120 years of life is nothing to sniff out. But the researchers argue that if we find a way to address resilience rather than just the other issues that come with age that, to use Fedichev’s word, “disintegrate” us as organisms, then we could theoretically halt the aging process.

Fedichev tells Inverse a story he heard from another longevity researcher, Nil Brazilei, about a woman who was 105 years old and had smoked her entire life.

“All the other doctors would go to see her and ask, ‘Don’t you know that smoking is bad? Didn’t the doctors tell you? ‘”, He relates. She apparently replied, “Some of them have, and they’re all dead now.”

In other words, on an individual level, lifestyle factors may not always explain why we or do not live to old age. But resilience could.

WHAT’S NEXT: Fedichev and his co-authors don’t want to settle for the incremental increases in average life expectancy that can come from improvements in health. We already know, Fedichev says, that on average, people live longer if they have a good diet, exercise regularly, can avoid illness, and have high socioeconomic status (an important factor that is often overlooked). But people who live to extraordinary ages can also carry certain genes that predispose them to longevity.

And maybe, Fedichev says, those genes affect resilience.

If we can increase resilience, then we could extend life beyond the maximum that Fedichev and his colleagues identify here.

As part of their work at Gero, Fedichev and a team led by engineer Tim Pyrkov created an application, called GeroSense, that can calculate biological age using data provided by users. They hope to use the information they collect to measure resilience and ultimately find a solution to stop aging.

Among the factors they want to take a closer look at:

Lifestyle choices
Subsistence allowance
Genetic markers
“What are the most nutritional and medical interventions and, finally, what are the genetic makeup variables that may or may not influence resilience?” Fedichev asks. “Because that would be the Holy Grail of aging.”

This, he says, could come very soon. “We should be able to use a drug that works against the same pathway … or do clinical trials or maybe develop something that is completely new and slow down human aging,” he says.

“I think it’s very reasonable to believe that [we will find it], in five years or more, with this resilience modifier.”

Summary: We investigated the dynamic properties of body state fluctuations along individual aging trajectories in a large longitudinal database of CBC measurements from a consumer diagnostic laboratory. To simplify the analysis, we use a linear logarithmic mortality estimate from the CBC variables as a single quantitative measure of the aging process, hereinafter referred to as the dynamic organism state indicator (DOSI). We observed that the widening of the DOSI distribution of the age-dependent population could be explained by a progressive loss of physiological resilience measured by the time of DOSI autocorrelation. Extrapolation of this trend suggested that DOSI recovery time and variance would diverge simultaneously at a critical point of 120 to 150 years of age, corresponding to a complete loss of resilience. The observation was immediately confirmed by independent analysis of the correlation properties of fluctuations in intraday physical activity levels collected by wearable devices. We conclude that criticality resulting in the end of life is an intrinsic biological property of an organism that is independent of stressors and signifies a fundamental or absolute limit of human life expectancy.

Blind man has partially restored sight after 40 years

A blind man has had his vision partially restored thanks to optogenetic therapy and protective glasses, the first successful case of such therapy in humans.

The researchers treated a 58-year-old man who for 40 years suffered from retinitis pigmentosa, a neurodegenerative eye disease in which the loss of photoreceptors can lead to complete blindness.

Retinitis pigmentosa changes the way the retina responds to light, making vision difficult, and people with the condition slowly lose their vision over time, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

The scientists used a form of gene therapy to reprogram cells in the retina of the eye, injecting them with a viral vector and making them sensitive to light. “In optogenetic therapy … we create an artificial photosensitive layer on this blind retina,” explained researcher Botond Roska, a professor at the faculty of science at the University of Basel, at a news conference.

Months after the injection, the researchers fitted the patient with glasses designed that detect changes in light intensity and project corresponding light pulses onto the retina of the eye to activate the treated cells.

Although the patient was unable to recognize faces or read after treatment, he was able to perceive, locate, count and touch objects using only his treated eye while wearing the glasses, the researchers said in a study published Monday in the journal Nature Medicine.

Before treatment, the patient could not see anything with the glasses. But months after the injection, the man was able to see the white stripes in a crosswalk, detect objects such as a plate, cup or telephone, and identify furniture in a room or a door in a hallway when wearing the glasses.

“Initially the patient couldn’t see anything with the system, obviously this must have been quite frustrating. And then spontaneously he started to get very excited, reporting that he could see the white stripes across the street, ”José-Alain Sahel, professor of ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the Vision Institute in Paris. instructions.

The scientists also found that visual behavior corresponded to man’s brain activity. The man was the first patient in the first cohort of the study to receive adequate training before the coronavirus pandemic interrupted the investigation.

“An important milestone”
“Retinitis pigmentosa is one of the most common causes of blindness in young people and is the result of the loss of light-sensitive photoreceptor cells in the retina at the back of the eye,” Robert MacLaren, professor of ophthalmology at the Oxford University. he told the Science Media Center in London.

“In this trial, the researchers used gene therapy to reprogram other cells in the retina to make them sensitive to light and thus restore some degree of vision. This is an important milestone and new refinements will undoubtedly make optogenetic therapy a viable option for many patients in the future, ”added MacLaren, who was not associated with the study.

James Bainbridge, professor of retinal studies at University College London, said the technology “could help people whose eyesight is severely impaired.”

“It is a high quality study. It is carried out and carefully controlled. The findings are based on laboratory tests on a single person. More work will be needed to find out if the technology can be expected to provide useful insight, ”Bainbridge, who was not involved in the research, told the Science Media Center.

500 million people have diabetes. But most don’t know


Nearly 500 million people have diabetes, but most are not receiving proper treatment, and more than half have yet to be formally diagnosed with the disease, according to new global research.

Many people simply do not know that they have a condition that is relatively easy and inexpensive to treat, and that, if left untreated, it will shorten their lives, destroy their hearts, blow off an artery in their brain, destroy their nerves, and blind them. . or have their legs cut off.

The big picture is that diabetes worldwide has more than quadrupled since 1980, a growth rate that appears to have left doctors and patients with their feet on the ground.

The study findings have been provided to the World Health Organization, “which is developing efforts to expand the provision of evidence-based diabetes care globally as part of an initiative known as the Global Diabetes Compact.”

What is the breakdown of the study?
The study was led by physicians from the University of Michigan and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

It is based on standardized household survey data, “to allow apple-to-apple comparisons across countries and regions.”

The authors analyzed data from surveys, examinations and tests of more than 680,000 people between the ages of 25 and 64 conducted around the world in recent years.

More than 37,000 had diabetes; More than half of them had yet to be formally diagnosed, but they did have a key biomarker of elevated blood sugar levels.

Most were not receiving “the comprehensive package of care” (low-cost medications to lower blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol, and advice on diet, exercise and weight) that could make their lives healthier, longer and more productive.

Only one in 10 people with diabetes in the low- and middle-income countries studied received this comprehensive care.

Nations in the Pacific Oceania region had the highest prevalence of diabetes, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, but the lowest rates of diabetes-related care.

But bad care was not strictly a poor country problem.

The Latin America and the Caribbean region ranked second after Oceania in the prevalence of diabetes, but had much higher levels of care.

The authors note that high-income countries like the United States do not consistently provide evidence-based care to people with diabetes.

Australians take away food
Being overweight or obese is the predominant gateway to developing type 2 diabetes, especially once you are over 45 years old.

About two-thirds of adults (and one-quarter of children) are already classified as obese or overweight.

According to Diabetes Australia, 280 Australians develop diabetes every day. That’s one person every five minutes.

About 1.8 million Australians have diabetes. This includes all types of diagnosed diabetes (1.3 million known and recorded), as well as silent and undiagnosed type 2 diabetes (up to an estimated 500,000).

Both types of diabetes have some of the same telltale warning signs.

Many people with type 2 diabetes have no symptoms. Because type 2 diabetes is commonly (but not always) diagnosed at a later age, the signs are sometimes dismissed as part of “aging.”

In some cases, when type 2 diabetes is diagnosed, complications from diabetes may already be present.

Symptoms include …
Being excessively thirsty
Passing more urine
Sudden weight loss
Feeling tired and lethargic
Always feeling hungry
Having cuts that heal slowly
Itching, skin infections
Blurry vision
Feeling dizzy
Leg cramps
Tingling in the feet and fingers, also known as peripheral neuropathy.

Treatment is more than just taking a pill
Most people are initially prescribed metformin in pill form to control blood sugar levels and regulate the liver.

It is a very good drug, but its effectiveness may start to wane after five years.

Many people just take this pill and think that everything will be fine.

When first diagnosed, it can take several weeks for the condition to stabilize, at which point you will be referred to a nurse or diabetes counselor who is usually assigned to a pharmacist one or two days a week.

This is the person who will show you what you can eat and how much, and will serve as a cheerleader for you to change your habits.

Losing weight, improving your blood pressure, bringing your cholesterol to a healthy level, exercising regularly, drinking more water – all the boring things you always hear about.

You also need to have your eyes checked once a year and your feet checked for healthy blood flow.

Scientists discover genes that would allow predicting the evolution of cancer patients


Researchers belonging to three groups of the CIBER for Cancer (CIBERONC) -coordinated by Alberto Muñoz, Alfredo Carrato and Atanasio Pandiella– have participated in a study published in Molecular Cancer in which they have determined a set of genes associated with changes in fibroblasts / exosomes that predict with greater precision what will be the evolution of patients with colon cancer.

Colon cancer and evolution in patients

Colon cancer is the most frequent malignant tumor in Spain and constitutes one of the main health problems of the population due to the large number of deaths it causes throughout the world. Currently, clinical data are available to help evaluate the prognosis and evolution of patients. However, these data are not patient and tumor specific and do not accurately and individually predict the course of the disease. Thus, biomedical research is essential for the identification of new markers based on specific cellular and molecular processes of each tumor.

Exosomes, transport of information between cells

The reasons why some patients develop more aggressive forms of the disease and others do not are not well understood. However, the available scientific evidence shows that, within the tumor, other cells and components, which we call tumor stroma, coexist with tumor cells, with very different characteristics and functions from which some advantages derive for the tumors. Tumor cells themselves and therefore are responsible, at least in part, for the aggressiveness of tumors. The communication that occurs between the different components of the tumor stroma occurs, among other mechanisms, through exosomes. These exosomes are small microvesicles that are secreted by the different cells that make up the cell stroma and that transport information from one cell to another, modifying the behavior of the recipient cell.

Improve survival and quality of life of patients

Working in this area of ​​research, and by studying the most frequent cell type of the stroma, the fibroblasts associated with tumors, and the exosomes secreted by them, our group has determined a set of genes associated with the changes in these fibroblasts / exosomes that predict, with greater precision than current clinical parameters, what will be the evolution of patients with colon cancer.

In turn, it is noteworthy that the genes described better predict the behavior of the disease in those patients in whom the disease is already locally advanced (stage III patients). This group of patients is prone to developing relapses of the disease, which is why they are treated with chemotherapeutic agents that have previously shown a benefit in the survival of patients in general.

However, it has been described that there is a group of these patients with stage III colon cancer that has a low risk of relapse and has better survival, even with shorter chemotherapy treatments and, therefore, with less accumulated toxicity. . The problem is that in daily clinical practice there is not enough evidence for a better classification of stage III patients, so all of them are treated in a standard way with very similar treatments.

“The data of this study present a clear clinical applicability since they could lay the methodological bases to identify which are the patients with greater or lesser probability of relapses or aggressive disease and therefore be able to develop therapeutic strategies according to the individualized processes of each patient thus avoiding unnecessary overtreatments and toxicities, with the ultimate aim of improving survival and quality of life for patients with colon cancer “, the researchers say.

Among the CIBERONC researchers participating in the study are Cristina Galindo-Pumariño, Alfredo Carrato, Alberto Ocaña and Cristina Peña.

Study shows that we believe more in machines than in ourselves


The research concludes the opposite of the usual comments on social networks, which generally express distrust and fear of artificial intelligences

Artificial intelligences are already ruling our destiny

A new study shows that we rely more on machines than humans to make decisions. In fact, he claims that confidence in the machine increases as the problem becomes more complex.

It is a conclusion that seems contrary to the usual comments on social networks, which generally express distrust and fear of what is popularly called “the algorithm”. But the study published in Scientific Reports – which has been funded by the US military as part of a project to examine collaboration between humans and machines – seems clear enough. According to study co-author Eric Bogert – a PhD candidate in the Department of Information Technology at the University of Georgia School of Business in Athens – “we seem to tend to rely more on algorithms as tasks get more done. difficult, and that confidence is stronger than the inclination to depend on the advice of other people”.

The study

To reach that conclusion, Bogert and his research colleagues, Aaron Schecter and Richard Watson, conducted three experiments on 1,500 people who were asked to count the number of people in a series of photographs. The photos increased in number of individuals as the experiments progressed.

The Force does not exist. Trust the machine, Luke

During the experiments, the subjects had the option of choosing between the suggestions of a group of 5,000 people – according to the researchers, we tend to place more value on the recommendations of others the greater the number of sources – or those of a matching algorithm. artificial intelligence trained with 5,000 images.

The researchers say that the counting experiment is ideal for drawing conclusions because artificial intelligence algorithms are now regularly applied to functions that require calculations of multiple numerical data. The study data is revealing, because the general impression is that humans do not trust the designs of artificial intelligence. According to Schecter, the study shows that this is not true. For example, one of the supposed problems with artificial intelligence is when it is used to grant credits or approve loans. It is a decision that basically depends on the numbers, so people think that it is a suitable job for the algorithm.

The biases of the algorithm

However, Schecter also recognizes the problem with the algorithm right now: many are influenced by their learning process. Learning that can lead to erroneous conclusions if all the factors necessary to make a judgment are not considered.

Human referee or artificial intelligence connected to hundreds of cameras?

 Following the conclusions of the study, the next logical step is to ask if people would prefer an algorithm to choose if you lose your job or receive a raise instead of your human boss. Or if an artificial intelligence – connected to dozens of cameras and laser measurement systems – would be a better option to direct a Barça-Madrid than a referee, two linesmen and a VAR. Taking it macro, would you prefer an artificial intelligence system, connected to hundreds of thousands of economic and social markers in real time, to regulate the economy and run the state and your city? It seems that the answer, as long as there is total transparency in the operation of that algorithm, is no longer yes or no, but why not try it?

Change political and economic ideologies for artificial intelligence

There are entire planets of evidence showing that, until now, humans have failed miserably in making decisions and continually evaluating the consequences of those decisions.

There are still incompetent bosses – and employees – everywhere, arbitrators who screw up at key moments, and politicians (all) unable to apply the scientific method and objective assessment to our problems, making decisions based solely on ideology and ulterior motives that they have nothing to do with the needs of the population. Our passions and inclinations, the lack of natural partiality of human beings, the reptilian instinct that governs much of our reactions, our fallibility, in short, have resulted in a succession of economic and political nightmares, decade after decade, century after century.

 There is no question that humanity has improved dramatically since we left the African plains. As much as it cannot be questioned that we could have advanced much more, orders of magnitude more, if we had not fallen victims, time and again, of the whims and interests of supposed economic, political and cultural leaders who have led us to war in war and from crisis to crisis.

The disastrous management of the pandemic in the vast majority of countries, to take the closest example, demonstrates this manifest inability of the human being to efficiently manage resources and make rational decisions. If the inability of economic and political elites – to provide not just stability and prosperity but a balanced economic and legal framework – has been demonstrated time and again by thousands of crises, it may be time to switch to something new, like systems artificial intelligence.

Do you think finally artificial intelligence will take over human intelligence?

Doctor Nowzaradan’s “deadly pound” diet revealed


Doctor Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Doctor Nun, is the main specialist in extreme and effective weight loss.

Report information on the Secretariat Department of Health (Ssa) on the boarding and the allocation of information on the control of the corporation and control of the posting of people who are non-transferable without and not over-mortal most popular weight in which the doctor Younan Nowzaradan, also known as the Doctor Nun, is the main specialist in true and effective weight loss.

Doctor Nowzaradan has a very effective diet that shows the patients he cares for, most of whom are very obese and who are eligible for operations such as gastric bypass surgery.

The dietician from “Kilos Mortales” is a virus that is not dicey. We tell you all about the Doctor Now diet.

How Does the Doctor Feed on Kilos Mortales Now?

The perception of the doctor Nowzaradan is a basic requirement for obtaining a consumption of 1200 taxes.



Every day you can drink a cup of coffee with dried milk and accompany it with bread with butter and jam.


You can choose two of the following combinations per day:

  • Vegetarian salad, steamed lentils and pudding
  • Vegetarian salad, chickpeas with spinach and rice with milk
  • Leek soup, mixed vegetable salad and a cup of natural yogurt
  • Potatoes in green sauce, chickpeas with rice and a pear in syrup
  • Vegetarian salad, mixed vegetable salad and roasted apple.
  • Green beans with potatoes, paella with vegetables and pears in syrup.


A coffee with milk and five Maria type cookies or a shortbread.


  • Vegetarian salad, mixed vegetable salad and mixed fruits
  • Vegetarian salad, spinach a la bechamel and mixed fruits
  • Vegetarian salad, omelette with two eggs and apple compote
  • Minestron soup, egg omelette with potatoes and mixed fruits
  • Vegetarian salad, rice with mushrooms and mixed fruits
  • Zucchini cream, French omelette and mixed fruits
  • Crema de Chicharo, omelette and a homemade P.

It is necessary to always go to a specialist …

Doctor’s Varieties Now that animal protein is not left out and includes desserts, it is in some ways limiting.

Therefore, it is always necessary to see a specialist to develop a personalized nutrition plan that is geared towards your goals and requirements. However, you can follow such a diet without first consulting a specialist.

How can you integrate a pure diet?

No, it is a diet that has general rights related to health:

  • One of the tasks of all menus and foods included in the daily meal list.
  • Come la mayor varied and possible of food.
  • Use oil in cooking.
  • Combine cereals with legumes.
  • Wash and disinfect vegetables and fruits before consuming or cooking them.
  • Come with me to unite the media and refrigerators and lock the media.
  • Stick to meal plans as much as possible.
  • Hydrate yourself, drink at least eight glasses of fluids a day, preferably drinking water.
  • Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity during the day, for example: walking, dancing, walking the dog, going up and down, sweeping stairs, etc.

Lose weight with the doctor Nowzaradan diet from deadly pounds: we tell you what it consists of

To lose weight, one of the most important things to consider (even more than just exercising) is having a good nutritional system that will guide you through a calorie deficit, that is, using fewer calories than what you did over the course burn of the day.

the weight loss diet that allows you to eat only 1200 calories without starving 3IULIIA_N VIA ISTOCK

One of these nutritional systems is recommended by a famous expert who has helped hundreds of people lose weight and height through history.

We’re referring to Doctor Younan Nowzaradan, known as Doctor Now, is the main specialist in the Kilos Mortales series.

The Weight Loss Diet That Allows You To Eat Only 1200 Calories Without Starving 2PROSTOCK STUDIO ABOUT ISTOCK

Dr. Now has a very effective diet.

What is most noticeable about the diet is that it does not starve those who follow it.

Dr. It is now important that the principles and the snack contracts are in place. Only forcing 1200 calories a day, plus, ultra-processed carbohydrates are omitted and the vegetable proteins are increased.


Every day you can have a cup of coffee with dequamated milk and accompany it with bread with butter and jam (yes, you will not miss the sweetness).


You can eat two of the following combinations per day:

Vegetarian salad, cooked lentils and stew and pudding.
Leek soup, mixed vegetable salad and a cup of natural yogurt.
Vegetarian salad, chickpeas with spinach and rice pudding.
Potatoes in green sauce, chickpeas with rice and a pear in syrup.
Bean cream, tallarines will go with apple compote.
Vegetarian salad, mixed vegetable salad and roasted apple.
Green beans with potatoes, paella with vegetables and pear in syrup.


You only consume a coffee with skimmed milk and five Maria cookies or a mantecada.


Choose the combination of your settings:

Vegetarian salad, mixed vegetable salad and mixed fruits.
Vegetarian salad, omelette with two eggs and apple compote.
Vegetarian salad, rice with mushrooms and mixed fruits.
Pea cream, omelette and homemade flan.
Vegetarian salad, spinach a la bechamel and mixed fruits.
Minestron soup, egg omelette with potatoes and mixed fruits.
Zucchini cream, French omelette and mixed fruits.
As you can see, the diet is high in vegetables, fruits, and vegetable protein, although there are some of animal origin as well. In addition, no one skips dessert to satisfy the cravings of those in need of something sweet.

Pending the self-restraint and the perception of the aspect and the fact that it is a doctor who is concerned with the question of whether it is a general problem or not.

Dr. Nowzaradan 1200 Habits Diet Plan: The Secret of “My 600 Pound Life”

Dr. Nowzaradan – that’s a full mouth. Unlike his diet plan.

If you’ve ever seen DC’s hit card My 600lb Life, you might be with Dr. Nowzaradan’s 1200 calorie diet plan is trusted for its patients. It is important as if this plan had more items on the “Don’t Eat” list than its associated category.

When patients bit the world renowned bariatric surgeon for help, they are in a negative state for loss-loss surgery. Turning to bariatric surgery for weight loss is a lifelong relationship. The main ones think that the surgery will fix all weight problems when in reality it is a never-ending process. Not only do you have to lose a certain amount and weight for surgery, but surgery has many stages, a particular fluid diet, difficult supplements, and portion restrictions. Loss-loss surgery is not as simple as reducing the size of the stomach. The patient still needs to establish new eating responsibilities and learn new new ones for their new stomach and understanding. Eating just a little more than budget can lead to proper socializing. Education still plays another role in this method of debilitation.

Before any bariatric surgery, every patient became a weight loss goal. Losing weight before surgery will not only increase the patient’s commitment but also the likelihood of the surgical condition. It is also the journey to a personal state for the person and how to begin to establish new eating habits. This pre-surgery phase will affect the amount and weight each patient will lose, depending on their current weight, gender, age, level of activity, etc. No two people have the same goal, the pounds.

Dr. Nowzaradan 1200 work schedule: The collapse

Dr. For some of the heavier, morbidly obese patients there are only 1,000 doctors for their limit. Not only do patients drastically reduce the amount of assets they seek government, the foods they buy, the foods they consume, the not partners that change. This strict eating plan is a low-fat, low-carb, high-protein combination. The resistance of the diet desperate; Consume plenty of plant-based proteins, keep up with hydration, and control behavior related to eating habits. The decline is the daunting list of no-go foods.

The list of foods prohibited when losing pounds consists of:

 Desserts: cakes, ingredients, ice cream, cookies
 Sweetened fruit or frozen yogurt
 Potatoes of all kinds - pureed, french fries, french fries
 Minimal outbreak affects whole wheat bread
 Nuts and nut butters
 Fruit loads
 Pasta and rice
 White and brown rice
 Soda, sports drinks, energy drinks

This only serves to give you a general overview of all off-limit items. Ha, the greatest of these foods are very nutritious. But things like whole grain bread and 100% fruit powers can get a drop in vitamins, minerals, and fiber! Judging is our friends, not the enemy.

Looking back on this list shows there is a fair mix of junk food and nutrient-rich effects to its own. Remember, this seeker for loss loss surgery will be able to become. Her current weight condition did not occur overnight. These are years and years of damaging relationships with consequences. The foods on this list and more have earned them this point. The transfer of this index of off-limit good ones should take place alone without any problems. After you’ve seen the show, you can guess how patient should be on this list even if you didn’t die.

To completely breastfeed from the fact that the patient’s rights and employees take on 1,200 people. * Insert emoji with big eyes * No wonder that after a short time dieters throw in the towel not only in this setting, but with every fashionable diet. There is no drastic overnight change in eating responsibilities. If you have a list that you can eat and that you cannot eat without you you will not succeed. You only say that you are only partially divided and hungry. Were they looking at this list to learn about your eating responsibilities? Not much, as there is no accountability or guidance, these relationship leadership concerns are maintained.

How does Noom compare to Dr. Nowzaradan’s 1200 Behavioral Diet Plan?

When it comes to loss, it doesn’t matter if you are going to lose 100+ pounds. or dandruff 5, isn’t about what you can and wasn’t how to eat your favorite foods. That’s what Noom is all about. It’s about learning how to talk and be about another. If you try to conflict the “why” behind your eating responsibilities, you can contract a positive relationship.

Friendly work budget

When it comes to limiting daily consumption, the Noom app calculates a calorie budget based on age, gender, current weight, target weight, weight loss rate, and activity level in order to create a level variable. The contract budget consists of the app on the consumed rights and the official rights. The recent management budget for men runs 1,400 acts and 1,200 administrative for women. Now you may be thinking that this is the same limit as Dr. Now’s diet plan and you’re right. The difference between our “plan” and Dr. Now’s plan is that we don’t have a plan!

No food is forbidden!

Noom does not have a close list of off-limit contracts. There is none to be found or to deprive yourself. There are only in life and ways to be found in order to lose and lose all of the foods in your everyday life. If everyone lived by a list of approved and disapproved foods, we would all live in a stressful, frustrated, starving world. I don’t know about you but i’m hungry.

Let’s withdrawn for a second withdrawn; I’m not saying that your favorite desserts and salty snacks are jack-of-all-trades. What I’m saying is that you didn’t choose to cut life out of life. Not even for a period of “diet”. At Noom, you’ll learn how to do these things. You take on new contacts that have given you the rights and perceptions that you have to connect. You will learn how to make healthy swaps, buy items other than groceries and find ways to include your favorite products even more as well.


Stop suffering! Discovery of the experience of 1,200 complaints Dr. Elzaradan runs the television program ‘Kilos Motales’

The holidays are not over yet but if we count the damages the only thing we owe in 2020 is the pounds gained between the pandemic, the fear feeder and the nighttime seizures, but stop suffering. Discovery, I reveal the strict 1200 calorie diet developed by Dr. Recommended is Younan Nowzaradan, an expert in bariatric surgery and the star of the Deadly Kilos show.

Although the TV show is about morbidly obese patients who have to undergo extremely strict diets to prepare for the surgery known as ‘gastric bypass’, I’m afraid to tell you that Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet is no wonder diet, but the same diet that health experts recommend that eat less carbohydrates and eat more fruits and vegetables than dice the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s 1,200-calorie Deadly Kilograms Diet revealed

In such a way that the nutrition plan consists in that people improve their eating habits and create a consumption of a maximum of 1,200 calories per day, by reducing fats, carbohydrates, sugar and increasing protein, spec.

Of course, we are all curious about Saber what the 1200 calorie diet is made of, although you have to tell Saber that if you are interested in following it you need to consult a doctor, preferably a nutritionist, as these diets are customized must depend on age, gender, weight, obesity and specific needs of the patient.

1,200 kc diet.

Dealing with being overweight can be one of the most frustrating things in life. All Mexicans have a tendency to gain weight just by breathing. So we know exactly what we are talking about. But the good news is that it is also true that you can achieve your goal. Discovery recommends including physical activity for best results.

Sin Embargo, a mental health expert, has never left Sales. This is how you find the balance between body and mind. Use the arrival of 2021 to set your goals. Breakfast, while not that deadly, is like an American breakfast. Coffee with cream and toast with a little jam or butter.


The food is much more varied and it’s not free, but it sounds exquisite. You can choose from one of the menus for each day of the week:

Vegetarian salad with chickpeas, spinach and rice pudding
Potatoes in green sauce with chickpeas, rice and pear in syrup
Vegetarian salad, steamed lentils and pudding
Leek soup (Poro), mixed vegetable salad and yogurt of course
Bean cream, compound noodle and roasted apple
Green beans, vegetable paella and pear in syrup
For a snack or a snack, you can choose from coffee with milk and biscuits, while that for dinner, you better consulted your doctor completear diet of 1,200 calories.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s Right Guide to the Nutrition Plan

Include a photo of a person facing a list of surgical and dietary loss loss conditions from reading a blog about healthy foods and supplements

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that if you click on the link and buy the item, we will receive an affiliate commission from the owner at no cost to you. These business relationships relate to us, which relate to compliance with the EatMoveHack rights. All concerns remain our own.

If you found your way on this article, you can rightly say that you have discovered Dr. This article got you through everything you need to know.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s Diet Plan – Who is Dr. Nowzaradan?

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan is a surgeon and writer based in Houston, Texas. Various he has also seen general surgery and decision surgery through.

Dr. Now has been a practicing surgeon in the United States for the past three months.

He became known as a doctor who is also a television personality. He advises and controls drastic weight loss procedures in patients on the popular DC show My 600 Pound Life.

He can also be seen in episodes of Body Shock, episodes in “Half Ton Dad”, “Half-Ton Teen” and “Half-Ton Mum”.

With super-morbidly obese patients (over 100 pounds), he conducts compensation and exercise plans in conjunction with surgery to help them lose weight.

Dr. Now was an early user and a different laparoscopic surgical method. He must ensure that laparoscopic relationships and multiple surgical procedures are treated that are equivalent to bariatric surgery.

He’s also written the popable books. Scales don’t lie, people do.; Obesity now reverses. and last chance to live.

Doctor Now’s diet plan has historically been difficult to find – until now. We found the same guide in this article.

Basic facts

Education and Background:

Where does Dr. Now? Dr. Now was born in Iran in 1944
In 1970 he supervised his medical studies at the University of Tehran (Iran)
Completion of his guidelines guidance and St. Louis University (St. Louis, Missouri 1971)
Absolutely his surgical internship at St. John Hospital in Detroit, Michigan
He conducts his surgical training at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee
Completed a Cardiovascular Fellowship at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, Texas
Former rights with Delores Nowzaradan (divorced in 2002 – three children, Jonathan Nowzaradan and Jennifer Nowzaradan)
Current specialties and interests:

Specialized in the laparoscopic roux-en Y-gastric bypass, the laparoscopic surgery on the patient 600 and pounds over it, the overlap ligament system, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, surgery previous weight and loss operation zenover pass by Habergerich excess loss operation postopera gastrectomy.
Hospital at First Street Hospital, Tidwell Medical Hospital, Renaissance Hospital, Surgical Specialty Hospital, and University General Hospital.
Dr. Nowzaradan’s Diet – Plan Books – Last Chance to Live – and the scales don’t lie, but from people

Doctor Nowzaradan has two books that can help you learn more about your strategies and strategies: Last Chance to Live and the Scales Don’t Lie, Humans Do.

Both books belong from his four year career. As it is said, whether it is given by people who are dealing with morbid obesity.

In this way in which the rights of obesity on the body and the surgical interventions that help people through losing weight, people through losing weight. This he didn’t see what to do was eat, lose, see, change, lose, lose, lose, lose.

Before we get into the basics of Dr. Now that we are dealing with nutrition plan, we would like to talk about the importance of building healthier eating habits. These common rights may be different, but with the best expectation they become rights.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s Diet Plan – Pre-Bariatric Surgery

Many people far and wide have followed the same 1200 Granted Eating Plan that Dr. Heard my 600-pound life now, just to be yourself.

The main reason for this is that every person who appears in the show (or sees them as a private patient) has a bespoke diet plan written specifically® for them.

To learn more about his experience and to learn if it is right for you, please visit our new post on the subject.

Now for operation between 800 and 1200 people per day. The pre- and post-operative treatment plan of each person belonging to the administration differs:

Doctor Now’s actions are so high that several patients in my 600-pound life are expressing their right rights, that if they haven’t lost enough, he won’t lose the operation – and their plateaus aren’t.

Dr. Nowzaradan is a no-nonsense guy and he will tell you frankly that he shouldn’t be a good candidate for a trial or that you don’t take it seriously enough.

Any amount of weight that you can lose beforehand has a chance that you will receive the procedure yourself. Dr.

Loss loss surgery is not magic. You will not be leaving the operating room by sinful pounds. There was still a long way to go before you belonged to an associated weight, and to do that you must be very busy, what you do, what you do, what you do, what you do, what you do what you do, what you do, what you do, what you do, what you do, what you do, what you do, what you do.

So before Dr. Nowzaradan’s reputation is caused by surgery, he will know you live a lifestyle of your own.

People who are serious about losing their lives and losing enough weight to include their surgical risk will receive the procedure. Thinking, dying is not serious, being is not doing.

And if you don’t belong to it, you can choose to have the surgery to lose weight, then you would be heard to the same different letting that you belong to a certain condition after the surgery.

Now, to get Isaristan’s 1200 stocks diet before bariatric surgery, we can take a look at its directional overview and from there prospectively. Dr. Now’s diet plan has two main components:

           Small portions
           Royal, whole food groups

Many many Americans are buying prepackaged foods, they are not always the “healthiest” option. They usually have prepackaged foods with preservatives – whether chemical or salt based. Of course, neither type is “good” for you.

Therefore, the philosophy of Dr. Now for the quality reduction on the idea that people will eat real food (whole grains, fruits, vegetables and meat) and not junk food that comes in bags.

In this context, Dr. Now such a plan with a high protein, very low carbohydrate diet, a specific one before surgery (remember that it is important to lose a lot of weight quickly, was yours with the Hellenfen carbohydrates). He doesn’t have to get his patients fully ketoed.

The keto diet follows a very high-fat, very low-carbohydrate diet. Since fats alone are one of high levels of safety, this diet plan is closed as a low calorie follow.

The nutritional recommendations from Dr. Now before the surgery special are low in calories. If you find it too difficult to avoid “carbohydrates” entirely, be sure to read EMH’s article on resistant starches.

Doctors must also have medical interests in the keto diet. Many, many people who have success with keto diet plans are not aware of the possible consequences of such a high-fat important one, and it will certainly not be for super-morbidly obese patients.

Loss loss tips

To keep your calorie intake low, Dr. Well usually to avoid snacks between meals. The preferred way of eliminating snacking is helping your liver to do its job properly.

Some research has changed that eating works. According to Dutch researchers, a “hypercaloric diet with frequent meals increases intrahepatic triglycerides (IHTG) and fat around the waist”. (It is believed that the IHTG was severely treated with insulin resistance, which could lead to permanent blood sugar loss and to type 2 diabetes.)

At the same time as the main component of Dr. This usually means that you are eating a properly sized serving of protein (3 ounces, about the size of a deck of cards) with a serving of generous vegetables.

Of course 1200 calories is far less than most people are used to eating in a day, especially considering the FDA bases its recommendations on a 2000 calorie diet (which is more than what most people need) . Typically, what helps people get through a 1200 Habits diet are the high amounts of a protein and fiber that help you feel full, heard – that and a copious amount of water.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s Diet Plan List Don’t Eat

Perhaps as important as that, were you allowed to Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet – plan to eat, you are not allowed to eat. To illustrate this, we have a list of people in need. Some of the foods on this list are no-brainers.

Sugar (artificial sweeteners that are also contained)
Sweets or other dessert-type goodies (cake, tart, brownies, cookies, frozen yogurt, ice cream, donuts, etc.)
Watermelon, melon, mangoes, grapes, cherries, pears, figs, bananas
Jellies and jams
Dried or candied fruits
French fries (also the baked art)
Potatoes (in any shape – baked, mashed, lead, small, french fries, etc.)
Starchy vegetables (beans, peas)
Popcorn (also without butter)
Nuts (recognize their butter types)
Rice (also white and brown)
Pasta (also white and brown)
Muesli (even heard of oatmeal – some say Dr. Now goes well with small servings of oatmeal, several others he runs it when his patients skip 600 pounds).
Bread will be given on whole grains, in 1-ounce servings and, if possible, early in the day
sparkling water
Meal supplements and repairs do not
Sports drinks
Energy drinks
Below is a general relationship for Dr. Nowzaradan. This is not possible by how much you weigh or whether you are trying to lose weight or keep it simple.

Remember that extreme and rapid loss is losing your life in others as well as your waistline rights before embarking on your own loss of loss journey. When your body releases fast fat by losing it, it also releases other things released in these cells, such as heavy metals and other toxins.

This is a good thing in and of itself, but you have just become aware that the process is settled and that you see if there are any complementary remedies that can be used to remove these toxins from the pending system.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s Diet Plan Sample Menu

Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet plan is not available online. We can have our own face-to-face meetings that have been on the loss of what we know about his behavioral philosophy.

Here is a sample menu of a 1200 calorie Low Carbohydrate, Low Fat, High Protein Diet: How to Prepare Your Weight Loss Conversion Properly and The Best Meal Preparation Snacks to Add to Your After-Eating Diet.


1 egg plus 1 egg white – 105 to be 105
2 ounces turkey sausage – in 130
1 slice of whole wheat toast – 80 measures
0.5 low-fat cottage cheese – 90 measures
Unlimited: black coffee, water or unsweetened tea
TOTAL MEAL: 405 measures


1 dose of tuna in water – 200 measures
1 tbsp light May – 50 heard
2 cups of spinach – 40 owners
2 carrots – 60 owners
Unlimited: water, unsweetened tea

To meet

3 ounces of grilled chicken – 130 acts
2 cups of steamed broccoli – 100 acts
1 ounce Low Fat Cheddar Cheese – 50 processes
Unlimited: water, unsweetened tea


2 ounce turkey breast slices – 75 acts
1 slice of low-fat Swiss cheese – 60 acts


Doctor Nowzaradan’s “deadly pound” diet revealed


Dr. Nowzaradan has a method and an approach that involves engagement and control that has life saving results for the right rights that it belongs to. If you want to know more about the methods and experiences of Dr. Experiencing Nowzaradan, we learn his book “Scales don’t lie, people do: obesity now reverses”.

If you want to learn more about the general philosophy of Dr. To learn now, you can read other articles and find tips on experience, fitness, loss loss, and more!

Gaslighting: silent manipulation and its psychological and emotional effect


Within the field of psychological abuse, there is a subtle form of little obvious manipulation that can be just as or more harmful. Certain behaviors or actions of close people that at first glance could be considered harmless hide a load of “toxicity” capable of creating a profound invalidation to those who suffer it. The term used to refer to this phenomenon is gaslighting .  

The term gaslighting was taken from the work written by Patrick Hamilton Gas Light 1939, where the protagonist was manipulated by her husband who, through multiple tricks, made her doubt her judgment and memory , to such an extent that he labeled her as “ crazy”.      

This practice, also identified as a subtle tactic of psychological and emotional manipulation , can lead to believe that the memories and experiences of the affected person did not exist, or at least not as they remember them. This generates in the victim the insecurity and uncertainty of not knowing what is true and what is a lie and with this it manages to diminish the trust and sense of reality of the person on whom it is exercised. It is common to find this type of abuse in so-called toxic relationships. This is why gaslighting is one of the most subtle and perverse forms of emotional abuse, since the abuser generates in his victim a total invalidation and fear of madness.         

Whenever the word abuse is mentioned, the physical or sexual component comes to mind. However, emotional abuse is just as common or even more common in certain relationships.  

Unlike sexual abuse or physical abuse, emotional abuse is more difficult for the sufferer to identify . Psychological abuse “leaves no visible bodily harm.” To this we must add that the emotional abuser can have charming behaviors within the couple and / or outside of it and even be socially well accepted.  

In this sense, how does gaslighting work ? What attitude does the abuser take? 

This type of aggressor is shown as a close and charming person with the victim whom he usually praises and makes him believe that the only person who understands and cares for him is the aggressor himself.

The abuser often resorts to lies and denies things he has said or done, even though there is evidence to maintain his role. At times, you may tend to attack the things the victim appreciates and downplay their feelings.

The manipulation does not occur from one day to the next, but there are certain phases to weaken the victim:

  • Distrust: in this phase the victim still believes in their own perception and beliefs, and although they would like to have the approval of the abuser / abuser, an imbalance or feeling of hopelessness is not generated. 
  • Defense : the victim begins to feel that he must protect himself and confronts the abuser, trying to justify that he is wrong, refuting him. He compulsively looks for evidence to show that he is a “gaslighter” (abuser). Desperation for approval begins.
  • Depression: in this phase the victim’s self-esteem and autonomy are diminished He begins to doubt everything and is afraid of making a mistake for fear of criticism and with this he begins to justify the attitude and behavior of the abuser, believing in this way that he is in the position of truth, trying to be reciprocated with his love and approval.    

With all these behaviors identified by the abuser, what signs can help to identify this type of manipulation?

  • There is a questioning and questioning of what is thought and done.
  • You tend to apologize for all of your actions.
  • You begin to consider that you may be too sensitive to what others are saying, criticizing yourself for exaggerating the situation.
  • You feel confused and need third party approval to make decisions.
  • Tendency to believe that she is not capable of doing anything well on her own.
  • You feel uncomfortable and nervous in the presence of the abuser without being able to specify the reason.
  • Avoid interacting with friends and family, to avoid withholding or hiding information about the situation. On the occasions when you approach them, there is a feeling of anger or rage towards them that did not exist before.
  • Feeling of unhappiness without determining the reason, thereby feeling guilt for not achieving happiness as before and for causing concern in the abuser. Tendency to believe that before I was a different person, more self-confident, more fun and relaxed.
  • Fear of expressing their own emotions , so they tend to be silent. 
  • You think you are irreversibly losing your mind.

Given the situation described, what can the victim do when faced with said emotional abuse ? 

According to Terence Williams, the best defense to avoid a gaslighting abuse is to have your own judgment; In other words, if something is perceived to be wrong, it probably is not.

Trusting your own judgment is the best way to scare off those who exercise gaslighting, who tend to take advantage of people with low self-esteem. By showing yourself confidently in the face of what you see, hear and remember, it will be much more difficult for the abuser to distort reality.

It is important to identify those people who do you good and take care of you. Those that make one feel good about themselves. In addition, this attitude will make the abuser realize that he is not the only one with whom you can enjoy or have fun, thus finding more difficulties to be able to manipulate. On the other hand, enjoying other company will make you see that you are not alone and that you can trust other people.

However, this may not be easy to implement. If you suspect that someone is trying to manipulate your perception of reality, that questions your perception of things, that makes you think that you are losing your mind or that it makes you feel guilty, it is advisable to point it out and discuss it with a trusted person who be external to the relationship or by going to a professional.


Gaslighting: a covert form of emotional abuse

Have you heard of Gaslighting ? Well, to find out what it is about, let’s take an example. You have probably found yourself in a situation where they assure you that you said something, that you do not remember saying . You dig into your memory and conclude that you definitely did not say that. You are convinced that you are right.    

However, the person who claims that you did say it, and he does so with such confidence that you end up giving him credit. You end up thinking that maybe you did say that, even if you don’t remember it . You may have just become one more victim of Gaslighting     

” If lies or bad faith are introduced into the communication process, there will be manipulation, which can be reciprocal 

-Albert Jacquard-

This phenomenon began to be detected in the decade of the sixties. And although it occurs in work and family contexts , it is more common in relationships. It is defined as the act of repetitive manipulation that one person exerts on another . Its primary objective is to undermine the victim’s safety, so that they perceive reality in a distorted way.  

Gaslighting aims to confuse the victim

The Gaslighting is a deliberate lie intended to mislead the    victim to make a profit from it . It is a form of psychological abuse, characterized by being very subtle; Violence rarely intervenes, although there is usually some intimidation. Therefore, it is difficult to detect. Additionally, the manipulator is usually someone “trustworthy”, friendly and with whom we have some close bond. 

A typical example of Gaslighting occurs when one of the members of the couple seeks to deny his    infidelity . The victim can claim that she overheard him flirting with someone on the phone. The manipulator knows this to be true, but defends himself by saying, with complete confidence, that it is not. Your partner is confusing kindness with flirting.

The manipulator may even add that he has seen his partner very stressed lately. A supposed stress that does not give you the right to distrust him. At this point you will have succeeded in sowing the seed of doubt in the victim. This practice is more common than we imagine. In repetitive and extreme cases, the victim comes to believe that he is going crazy   

We could fall into the error of thinking that it is a comical situation and that we would never fall into such a ridiculous form of manipulation. However , we overlook that this situation occurs in relationships that involve our emotions. In fact, complex projection and introjection mechanisms operate in this type of relationship 

Gaslighting Features

Generally speaking, the victim of Gaslighting is usually a distrustful person, who finds someone apparently trustworthy . The manipulator is unsure of himself, but obsessed with exerting control over others. He appears kind and says that he seeks the welfare of the other. But this is just a masquerade. The victim comes to idealize this person. And so things are, the ground is fertilized to apply Gaslighting    

When this form of emotional manipulation is sustained for long periods of time, it has profoundly negative consequences on the victim. The most worrying, without a doubt, is the submission of that victim to the “reality” imposed by the manipulator. The Gaslighting even causes the opt abused by appropriating conflicts abuser .   

The Gaslighting follows a pattern that is classified into three stages   . During the first, the victim opposes argumentative resistance and refutes the manipulator’s claims. Meanwhile, the stalker tries to convince you of how you should think and feel. In fact, in some cases they engage in discussions for hours and hours. In the end, nothing in particular emerges, but great wear and tear.

During the second phase, you strive to have an open mind so that you can better understand the other’s point of view. However, in the absence of reciprocity, you begin to doubt your certainties. The third stage is configured as a state of confusion in which your criteria disappear and you think that what your perpetrator affirms is true; the normal and therefore the real.  

Aspects to keep in mind

There are personality characteristics that predispose some individuals to become potential victims of Gaslighting  . Lack of affection is one of them. The potential victim sees in the manipulator a savior and idealizes him. This reaction is due to the fact that the victim interprets the manipulator’s advances as a true show of affection. The victim feels that the manipulator at least at first argues with her, pays attention to her.

A person who needs to be right is more likely to suffer this type of abuse . This situation occurs when subjective aspects are discussed and in this confrontation the arguments of the future victim lose strength as a result of wear and tear. Finally, the need to be approved by others plays a decisive role. In this case everything is served on a silver platter for the manipulator, who will not waste time and take advantage of this weakness.

In order not to fall into this type of toxic relationship, it is essential to keep in mind some recommendations. The first thing is that you must remain alert to any manifestation that questions your beliefs and unbalances your self-confidence . Do not engage in Byzantine discussions, that is, exchanging subjective points of view that lead nowhere.   

Finally, try to strengthen your views on life with solid arguments, to the point that they become convictions. Additionally, do not allow others to question your way of thinking or feeling . Keep in mind that this is the ideal breeding ground for those who want to manipulate you.  

Gaslighting: People who control your life by sowing doubts

There are people who make you doubt by continually questioning your feelings, ideas, beliefs and decisions. These people undermine your security, to the point where you stop trusting in your abilities. Then they “take over” your life, without you realizing it. It is a phenomenon known as gaslighting.

What is gaslighting?

This term became fashionable in the 1960s to indicate the intention to manipulate a person’s perception of reality. However, its roots are even deeper as it comes from a play entitled “Gas Light”, which was also made into a movie. In the film version, Ingrid Bergman was harassed by her husband, who tried to convince her that she was crazy. To achieve her mission, she manipulated different objects in her environment and when Ingrid Bergman made her notice these variations, she claimed that she was wrong and that she was losing her mind.

At present, this term is still used to indicate a form of mental abuse that is characterized by handling information selectively, to confuse the victim, causing them to doubt their memory, perception or even their sanity. Its main objective is to disorient the person, causing their sense of reality and self-confidence to falter, to put them at their mercy.

In fact, gaslighting is a much more common form of mental abuse than we might think, especially in relationships with a partner or between parents and children. Basically, it happens every time someone deliberately lies to us with the aim of altering our perception of the circumstances and taking advantage of it, although they know very well that we are right.

However, gaslighting is often difficult to detect because it almost never involves the use of violence. In fact, that person is usually very friendly and even puts his victim on a pedestal, so that he does not question his intentions. In many cases, the manipulative person proclaims himself as an advocate for the victim, when in reality he is trying to subdue him.  

Gaslighting: An in crescendo of manipulation  

It is easy to think that we would never fall into such “crude” manipulation, but when emotions come into play, the improbable becomes probable. In fact, gaslighting is a complex mechanism of projection and introjection of psychic conflicts in which two people intervene:

– Manipulator. On the one hand, we find the manipulative person, who projects his conflicts on his victim, to keep his own identity intact and feel that he is in control. 

– Victim. On the other hand, we find the victim, who is normally a person who has an affective relationship with the manipulator and who accepts the latter’s conflicts as their own.  

The victim does not trust his own judgments, idealizes the manipulator and assumes his sense of reality. This is usually an insecure person, who needs external approval. Although in some cases, when gaslighting spreads over the years, a person’s security and self-confidence can begin to falter, so that they come to accept the reality imposed by the other, especially if they trust that person.

Obviously, such a refined form of emotional manipulation doesn’t happen overnight.  

Phase 1: In the first stage, when someone tries to impose another reality on you, the normal thing is that you present resistance and you fight it. You can argue for hours about the argument, until you feel downright ridiculous, but you ca n’t reach an agreement because the other person doesn’t give their arm. In fact, you are likely to argue about things that shouldn’t be discussed, like your feelings or opinions. However, you argue because someone is trying to tell you how you should feel or think. At this stage, you still believe in yourself, but you begin to question your beliefs. 

Phase 2: In the second stage you start to consider the other person’s point of view and even understand it, so you work hard to understand your perspective in turn. However, you are scared by what their point of view reveals about you, what you think it says about your beliefs and values. At this point, the point of the discussion is no longer to win and prove you are right, but just to prove that you are a good person, that you are valuable. This is an important goal change because it shows that you have stopped believing your arguments and are fighting just to prove yourself. 

Phase 3: In the third stage you begin to seriously doubt yourself and ask yourself “ what is wrong with me? “You start to consider that their point of view is normal and yours is wrong, you lose the ability to judge your own thoughts and feelings because you use someone else’s standard. At this point, you have fully embraced the perspective of the manipulator, you doubt yourself and begin to fear their criticism, to such an extent that you can obsess over not making a mistake. In this phase, you no longer believe that you are a valuable person, you have given up your decision-making capacity and self-esteem. 

Why does a person fall into this trap?

There are three characteristics that make a person more likely to be a victim of gaslighting:

  1. Need to be right. A person who always wants to be right is more prone to this type of manipulation because he also tends to get involved in discussions that detract from the main topic and enter the dangerous terrain of subjectivity. In addition, the desire to be right also involves a black and white view of the world, so when your arguments lose solidity, you will have the tendency to assume those of the other person, not realizing that both arguments are simply different perspectives. 
  2. Need for approval. The constant need for approval reveals an insecure person, a person who easily bows to the wishes of others just to get their approval. Obviously, the manipulator takes advantage of this weakness to his advantage. A person who needs the approval of others will be subject to these, so they will be very vulnerable to manipulation. 
  3. Need for affection. Gaslighting usually occurs between people who maintain a close emotional relationship. In fact, the victim often idealizes the manipulator, whom he sees as a “savior” or “defender.” Obviously, if that emotional bond did not exist, it would be much easier to break the relationship or stop the manipulation before it reached greater proportions. 

How to deal with gaslighting?

The best solution to avoid falling into this type of manipulation is to learn to detect it in time . It is important that you are able to identify these types of people. In fact, when someone continually makes you feel bad, makes you doubt yourself and lowers your self-confidence, shaking your security, it is because they are a toxic person and you must keep all your senses alert when you interact with them.   

You should also be aware that a person may not share your feelings and ideas, may not agree with them and may not even understand them, but should not doubt their existence, after all, it is not within you to affirm it. or deny it with certainty. Therefore, if a person questions your feelings and ideas frequently, they are likely doing so just to undermine your self-esteem and manipulate you. Don’t let anyone question what you feel or think 

Finally, consider that with these people, it is better not to argue, because their goal is not to understand you but to manipulate you. The person who resorts to gaslighting does not need to be right, they just need you to believe that they are. Therefore, he will do everything possible to manipulate your perception of the facts. The key is to stop them and, to do this, it is convenient that you do not get involved in discussions that are not objective 

Gaslighting: the dangerous allure of the abuser that fills you with guilt and makes you doubt your sanity

Nicole spent years living with a lovely man, but it seemed like she was always doing something wrong. Eventually she began to realize that she wasn’t the problem, it was him, and when she met one of her previous friends, Elizabeth, she understood. Here Nicole tells her story *.     

Other people seem to be able to do it: share a life with someone, nice and peaceful. But the idea of ​​a relationship still terrifies me. Many years later, I still panic at the mention of my ex-boyfriend’s name, that charming man whom I adored and feared in equal measure. 

A charming, beautiful and successful man had made me his. He was everything she had dreamed of. He was successful, his charisma was magnetic, and I was in a trance.

When I was with him, doors would open and the best tables in restaurants were suddenly available. We travel the world for his work, staying in the best hotels and eating in the best restaurants. And he seemed to have the ability to enchant in any language.

But I failed him .

I screwed up everything: dinners, conversations, evenings, vacations – sometimes by mentioning an ex’s name, taking out my bag in front of friends, or wanting to carry my own passport and money when we were abroad.

He was furious for days. My inappropriate behavior had embarrassed him, he didn’t know if he could continue to be with someone like me, him, who could be with someone much better.

I also ruined birthdays and Christmases, simply by being “too stupid and cruel” to understand what was best for him.

He wanted me to buy him expensive gifts: “It’s only $ 4,000, use your savings!” He said.

“But that’s my life savings,” I explained. “I can’t touch them, it’s impossible. I want to make you happy, but I can’t afford that.”

The charming man wept: I had let him down and nothing I did could make up for it   

He didn’t sleep much, neither did I. He wouldn’t let me “ruin his night” by going to sleep before him. If I did, I would wake up in the early morning, wanting to talk about our relationship and what I was doing wrong.

I was exhausted. I felt like I was spending my life trying to sleep when and where I could. The disabled toilet at work became a haven for a noon nap.

Why didn’t I leave earlier?

Well, he was charming and my family loved him. And I was at an age where life was a whirlwind of engagements and weddings.

Well-meaning relatives told me that I would be next. The sound of my biological clock grew louder as weddings gave way to christenings.

Besides, I adored him and that incredible man had chosen me. He had problems and I had to help him. He was aware that I was hurting him, so I wanted to behave better.

If I went out with my friends, he would lock himself in his study. Her screams echoed as she huddled under her massive desk, so she hardly ever went out without him.

He would tell me that was easily replaceable and he would show me photos and letters from other women who loved him, I would cry and try to be a better girlfriend.     

Every time he got too hard and tried to leave, he would curl up in a fetal position in front of the door crying and yelling at me not to let him go, so I didn’t. I would sit on the floor and hug him, promising that I would try harder to improve.

It was exhausting, but relationships take hard work and no one is perfect, right?

presentational gray line

Controlling or coercive behavior in an intimate or family relationship

Controlling behavior : a variety of acts that make a person subordinate and / or dependent on their abuser. These include isolating them from sources of support, depriving them of the means necessary for their independence, resistance, and escape, and regulating their day-to-day behavior.

Coercive conduct : a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other type of abuse that is used to harm, injure, punish or frighten the victim.

Definitions from the Serious Crimes Act in England and Wales )   

presentational gray line

“You will never find someone better than him, he is perfect, don’t you want children?”, People would say to me.

It got to the point, however, when I knew I couldn’t stay.

I felt as if my body and brain were collapsing from the sheer exhaustion of having to deal with life with that man. I gained weight, but couldn’t exercise because he didn’t like me being away from him. Food became my greatest comfort.

I feared to the idea of leaving , but she was terrified at the thought of spending the rest of my life with him.  

Eventually, the opportunity to escape came, and I was able to pack my belongings without suspicion. With the support of my sister, I was able to walk away and collapsed on her kitchen floor.

I needed therapy to understand that it was not normal for your partner to remove the hinges from the bathroom door because he “left” him to go to the toilet or to bathe.

I used to treasure my lonely moments sitting in the bathroom with a book. When she was with him, she looked at her watch, calculating when she could escape for a few minutes of peace behind the closed door . He soon realized it and my heart sank every time I heard the screwdriver on the hinges, with him crying because he just wanted to be with me.    

When I first said those things out loud I could begin to recognize that it was crazy, but at that moment it was just my reality.

Therapy opened a whole new world of understanding and terminology: words like ” narcissistic ” and “gaslighting” or “Gaslighting” were new to me. I had no idea that abuse could be like this.   

It was through therapy that I understood that I had been “gaslit” and that my perception of the world had changed during those years of trying to do the impossible: satisfy a narcissist.

Finally I realized that I was not the cause of our problems: in his game I could only fail.

But there was still a lot to learn.

It was my therapist who suggested that I contact the charming man’s ex-girlfriend.

“Really?” Said. “But she was crazy, she attacked him.”

The therapist nodded wisely and reminded me of all the other ways he had misrepresented reality. He was always the victim; nothing was ever his fault in the alternate reality he had created   

presentational gray line

What is doing gaslighting or gaslighting?

  • It is a form of manipulation and psychological abuse that makes people question their own memory, perception and sanity
  • The term comes from a 1938 play, ” Gas Light, ” in which a husband tries to convince his wife and others that he is crazy: when he dims the gas lights, he insists that she is imagining it.
  • There are three stages of gaslighting in a relationship: idealization, devaluation, and discarding. 
  • In the idealization stage, the victim loses his mind over whoever does gaslight because he projects an image of himself as the perfect partner
  • The devaluation stage hits hard: the victim goes from being adored to being incapable of doing something right, but after having tried the ideal, she is desperate to fix things.
  • Then comes the discard stage in which the victim is dropped to move on to the next: this often happens simultaneously with the idealization phase with the next victim.

I tracked down his ex-girlfriend who was living abroad. He immediately responded to my nervous message saying:

“Yes, I want to talk to you, I’ve been waiting for you to get in touch.”

The moment the call went through, I felt a wave of relief: there was someone who understood 

We talked for four hours, each finishing the other’s sentences. She had talked to other women who had gone before me: the charming man had never been alone for long.

Hearing about their stories of depression and suicide attempts was chilling. That charming man was systematically destroying lives.

However, on that summer day I found hope: as I spoke with my ex-girlfriend, I could hear in the background her husband mowing the lawn and the children playing in the garden. That snapshot of a shared life, of a family life that once seemed so terrifying, suddenly seemed within reach.

I learned that the charming man has a new girlfriend. I would like to say to him: “Save yourself! It’s not you, it’s him, what he’s doing to you is illegal, you can stop him  

But I know right now I’m just another crazy ex-girlfriend.

She needs to come to me when she’s ready. For now, all I can do is live life to the fullest, provide that little bit of hope the day she contacts me.

7 Stages of gaslighting in a relationship

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it will be accepted as true.” ―Attributed to various sources 

“Some people try to feel important by cutting off the heads of others.” – Paramahansa Yogananda 

The Gaslighting is a persistent form of manipulation and brainwashing that makes the victim feel free herself and ultimately lose their own sense of perception, identity and self – esteem . The term is derived from the 1944 film Gaslight, in which a husband tries to convince his wife that she is crazy by making her question herself and her reality.       

In its milder forms, gaslighting creates a subtle, but unequal power dynamic in a relationship, with the victim subjected to irrational, rather than fact-based, scrutiny, judgment, or micro-aggression by the perpetrator. At worst, pathological gaslighting constitutes a serious form of mental control and psychological abuse. The Gaslighting can occur in personal relationships, in the workplace or in society at large .      

H ay seven stages through which a Gaslighter dominates a victim pathological extracted from l book in Spanish how to successfully manage the gaslighters and stop bullying. Depending on the situation, there may be variations in the order and number of gaslighting stages :      

1. Lying and exaggerating The gaslighter creates a negative narrative about his victim (“there is something wrong and inappropriate about you”), based on false assumptions and widespread accusations, rather than objective and independently verifiable facts , which puts the victim to the defensive.       

“My wife is a pathetic loser, and she needs to know the truth.” ―Anonymous husband 

“The work your department does is a waste of time and resources. How do you justify your job? ” ―Anonymous manager 

“I hate when you put groceries in the supermarket checkout like that. I told you before, I HATE IT!” ―Mother to daughter in the supermarket 

2. Repetition. Like psychological warfare, falsehoods are constantly repeated to stay on the offensive, control the conversation, and dominate the relationship. 

3. Climb when challenged. When confronted with their lies, the gaslighter intensifies the dispute by doubling and tripling their attacks, refuting substantive evidence with denial, guilt, and further false claims, sowing doubt and confusion.     

“When I caught my boyfriend sexting with someone, he flatly said it didn’t happen – that I figured the whole thing. He called me a crazy bitch.” -Anonymous 

4. Attrition of the victim. By staying on the offensive, the gaslighter eventually wears down his victim, who becomes discouraged, resigned, pessimistic , fearful, weakened, and self-doubting. The victim begins to question their own perception, identity and reality.    

5. Form codependent relationships. The Oxford Dictionary defines codependency as “excessive emotional or psychological dependence on a partner.” In a gaslighting relationship, the gaslighter causes constant insecurity and anxiety in the victim, thereby controlling them. The gaslighter has the power to grant acceptance, approval, respect, safety and protection.The gaslighter also has the power (and often threatens to) take them away.A codependent relationship is formed based on fear, vulnerability and marginalization.         

6. Give false hope. As a manipulative tactic, the gaslighter occasionally treats the victim with gentleness, restraint, and even superficial kindness or remorse, to give the victim false hope. In these circumstances, the victim might think: “Maybe he’s really not THAT bad”, “Maybe things are going to get better” or “Let’s give him a try.”   

But be careful! Temporary softness is often a calculated maneuver intended to instill complacency and lower the victim’s guard before the next act of gaslighting begins . With this tactic, the gaslighter also further reinforces a codependent relationship.    

7. Dominate and control. At its extreme, the ultimate goal of a pathological gaslighter is to control, dominate, and take advantage of another individual, or a group, or even an entire society. By maintaining and intensifying an incessant stream of lies and coercion, the gaslighter keeps its victims in a constant state of insecurity, doubt, and fear. The gaslighter can exploit his victims at will, to increase his power and personal gain.       

Gaslighting: the subtlest emotional abuse

A form of manipulation used to make the victim doubt their own judgment.

Have you ever been told these phrases in response to a complaint: “you are crazy”, “that never happened”, “you are very sensitive”, etc.

If so, they may be using the “Gaslighting” technique to confuse you 

What is Gaslighting?

“Gaslighting” is a pattern of emotional abuse in which the victim is manipulated into doubting their own perception, judgment, or memory . This makes the person feel anxious, confused, or even depressed. 

This term, which does not really have a Spanish translation, comes from the classic Hollywood movie called “Gaslight” , in which a man manipulates his wife into believing that she is crazy and thus steals her hidden fortune. He hides objects (paintings, jewels), making his wife believe that she was responsible, although she does not remember. It also dims the gas light (there was no electricity) and makes you believe that the fire is still glowing at the same intensity as before. 

Of course, that makes the protagonist feel that she is going crazy, does not want to leave the house, is anxious and cries continuously. The husband warns her that he will leave the relationship, and threatens to send her to a doctor for medication or confinement. Of course, the abuser knows very well what he is doing and almost succeeds if it weren’t for an investigator deciphering the situation and exposing the thief.

The characteristics of this type of deception

Although this film presents us with an extreme case, this manipulation technique is used consciously or unconsciously in relationships 

Let’s look at some scenarios. For example, you can say:

“When you said that you hurt me” and the abuser says “I never said that, you are imagining it” and there he plants the seed of doubt.

It could also happen this way:

“When you did that I felt very bad”, to which the abuser replied “you are very sensitive, it was only a joke”. He tries to persuade us to believe that it was a matter of self-perception error.

Similarly, you might fight and defend yourself but still get the same words: “You are exaggerated”, “You are making a storm in a glass of water” or “You are delirious” etc. So instead of continuing to confront or walk away, you allow the doubt to arise within you in an attempt to favor the relationship and seek the approval of your partner or family member.  

This type of manipulation is very subtle but dangerous, since it leads us to continue toxic relationships , to believe that there really is something wrong with us, to be insecure and to depend on the opinion of others. It can also take us away from loved ones for fear of being confronted about your relationship. 

Possible effects

These are the main psychological effects of gaslighting in the medium and long term, and they lead the victim to assume that they lack the criteria to make decisions for themselves.

1. Doubts about the ability to remember well

Gaslighting makes the victim doubt about the functioning of his memory , since the manipulative person convinces him that he remembers things that did not happen.

2. Doubts about one’s reasoning

This leads the victim to not trust their ability to reason and make decisions, so they seek help from the criteria of others , and especially from the manipulative person, who makes them see their supposed mistakes. 

3. Doubts related to one’s own mental health

In extreme cases, the victim assumes that they have a psychological disorder that would explain their inappropriate emotional reactions, or their ways of thinking far from reality.  

4. Low level of self-esteem

All of the above is reflected in a low level of self-esteem in general.

How to realize Gaslighting

These are 10 signs to know if we are being “Gaslighteado” (information collected from psychologist Robin Stern, author of the book The gaslighting effect ).  

  1. You constantly question your ideas or actions.
  2. You wonder if you are overly sensitive many times a day.
  3. You are always apologizing: to your parents, to your partner, to the boss.
  4. You wonder why you are not happy, if so much good things are apparently happening in your life.
  5. You constantly make excuses to your family or friends for your partner’s behavior.
  6. You see yourself withholding or hiding information so you don’t have to explain or make excuses to partners or friends.
  7. You start lying to avoid being changed from reality.
  8. You have a hard time making decisions, even simple ones.
  9. You feel like you can’t do anything right.
  10. You wonder if you are constantly being good enough daughter / friend / employee / boyfriend / girlfriend.

What can you do?

As subtle as this type of manipulation is, we are not helpless in the face of it. There are ways to deal with these types of attacks, unless there is already a strong precedent of abuse and we cannot deal with the situation with a minimum of serenity.

To act in cases of Gaslighting, you can follow these guidelines 

1. Trust your intuition

If you feel like something is not right, pay attention to it and examine what parts do not add up . When it comes to analyzing our own experiences, our experience counts more than the rest. 

Furthermore, communication is not a game in which you have to make an effort to understand everything that others are saying. In a couple, if a message has not been understood, the responsibility is often shared (as long as we have paid attention to it).

2. Don’t seek approval

Resist the temptation to convince the other to get approval , instead you can say “We disagree” or “I thought about what you told me but it doesn’t feel true to me” or “I listen to what you say, but my reality is very different from yours. ” You are perfectly free to end a conversation.

This is only recommended in cases of Gaslighting, since in any other context, such as in a discussion in which the other person’s arguments are solid, it can become an excuse not to admit that you are not right and, ultimately, in a tool of cognitive dissonance . 

3. Remember your sovereignty over your own thoughts

Remember that emotions are neither good nor bad, and no one can tell you if what you feel is true or not. If you say “that made me feel criticized” or “I felt sad about what you did” you are not subjecting it to debate. At the end of the day, if you feel that you are humiliated or psychologically damaged , only you feel that; what you experience is not up for discussion.

Do not apologize for feeling , what you should avoid is attacking, manipulating or acting in a harmful way.

4. Be aware of your values

What values ​​do you want to be remembered for? Create a list of personal values. For example “spending quality time with loved ones”, “keeping promises”, “being generous / compassionate”, “telling the truth”, “traveling”, “keeping an open mind”, “staying spiritual”. This will help you stay focused and also know what you value in others 

In a way, values ​​act as the backbone of our behavior. Whatever happens, what others say or do or not should force us to go against them. The moment someone pressures us to violate these basic principles, we will know that we are being manipulated.

5. Keep your personal limits

If someone trespasses, let them know and pose a consequence . For example, if you are yelled at or verbally abused, you can say “I don’t feel comfortable with what you said, it seems disrespectful to me and I’m not going to let it go.” Keep firm.

If it repeats, make it known again and depending on the relationship, look for a sincere dialogue where both of you agree not to do it again or walk away.

If the person is not responsible for their faults and continues “gaslighteándote” ask yourself if you want to continue the relationship or the frequency of visits in case of family or friends. Working on your own assertiveness is essential to assert your own interests with dignity.

How to make the best green smoothie


We checked out the best smoothie posts for you and easy to do guidelines, hope you enjoy.

We have a super simple and healthy recipe that we’ve been wanting to share with you! As a passionate and insanely busy mother, I am known for fueling my body with processed junk. Like those days when we’d meet at Starbucks twice in one day … or drive through Taco Bell for dinner … again.   

I was starved for time, low on energy, and just … overwhelmed.  

You identify?

Well, I discovered something that quickly changed our lives: green smoothies. This mixed drink of fresh fruits and dark green leafy vegetables gave us energy, a fast and healthy meal and transformed our body from the inside out. 

It is not a joke. And our free Simple 7 is how we made this healthy habit stick for the last 2 1/2 years … and go strong. We now have over 500,000 people around the world hooked on the green smoothie lifestyle. Hope you join us!   

5 green smoothie tips to get you started:

Before we share our most popular green smoothie recipe, let’s welcome you to the world of green smoothies with some important tips …

1. Follow the 60/40 formula.

When you’re making your first green smoothies, don’t throw things in the blender . It will most likely taste unpleasant if you take it out of the door. To save you some smoothies, take out those cute measuring cups and follow this simple formula: 60% fruits and 40% leafy greens


2. Blend in stages to avoid pieces of leaves.

Chewing your green smoothie is no fun! For a “smooth” green smoothie experience, first mix together the leafy greens and the liquid foundation. Then add the remaining fruits and mix again.   

3. Get rid of the ice and freeze some fruits.

Do you want your green smoothie to be colder? Freeze your favorite fruits like ripe bananas (peel first), grapes, pineapple, or berries. This is also a great way not to waste ripe fruit (like those brown bananas on your counter). You can also freeze your leafy greens in a freezer-safe bag. Just be sure to add your frozen veggies straight to the blender (don’t thaw these fragile little guys).        

4. Use raw natural sweeteners.

Add naturally sweet fruits to any smoothie that tastes bitter or a little too “green.” By opting for naturally sweet fruits like bananas, mangoes, apples, pears, or pitted dates, we avoid artificial sweeteners and processed sugars. 

5. Make smoothies ahead of time for the perfect fast food.

We know that life can get crazy, especially in the morning. This is why we believe green smoothies are the healthiest fast food for people who are constantly on the go. 

You can blend your green smoothie the night before and store it in your refrigerator (up to 2 days). Use an airtight lid to limit oxidation and keep it as cool as possible. When you’re ready to drink, shake it well before opening.  

If you follow these five green smoothie tips, we promise your green smoothies will be delighted with the first sip! Now here’s a favorite recipe we make for friends and family who have never tried a green smoothie before …  

Lucky green smoothie for beginners

COURSE: Breakfast, Desserts, Smoothies and Drinks, Snacks and Appetizers  

KITCHEN: American  

KEYWORD: easy shake, healthy eating, vibrant tropical shake  

DIET RESTRICTION: Dairy FREE , Egg Free, Gluten Free, Peanut / Tree Nut Free, Vegetarian  


ACTIVE TIME: 5 minutes    

TOTAL TIME: 5 minutes    

PORTIONS (Adjust to taste) : glasses      

This tropical delight has the perfect ratio of fruits to vegetables, making it a great green smoothie for beginners. Spinach has a mild flavor and contains more than 20 different high-quality nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. It’s something amazing! Oh, and this recipe is kid-tested and approved too 🙂


  • 2 cups spinach
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup mango
  • 1 cup pineapple
  • 2 bananas, Use at least one frozen fruit to chill your smoothie. We often use frozen mangos and bananas our green smoothies.


  1. Tightly pack 2 cups of leafy greens in a measuring cup and then toss into blender.
  2. Add water and blend together until all leafy chunks are gone.
  3. Add mango, pineapple and bananas and blend again until smooth.
  4. Pour into a mason jar (or cute cup of your choice).
  5. Gulp or sip like a rawkstar!

Recipe Notes

PSSST! Got an allergy to mango or pineapple, or not a big fan of bananas? You can substitute any fruit with another fruit with a one-to-one ratio.

Nutrition Facts

If you made this recipe or have one of your favorites, we’d love to hear it in the comments below (we’ll read all of them).

Still a fan of green smoothies?

If you want more recipes and tips on green smoothies, you should join Simple 7 ! For seven days in a row, you will mix a daily green smoothie + adopt a healthy habit that will transform your life. #kaleyeah Whether you have a passion for raising an amazing family, traveling the world, reading new books, creating the latest fashion trend, starting a new job or something totally different … we want to make sure you can go after that like the best. possible. You need a LOT of energy and nutrients to fuel your passions.             



 Go to the recipe

How to make the best green smoothie recipe! A simple green beginner smoothie that is healthy, tastes amazing, and made with 4 ingredients in under 5 minutes! Plus my tips on meal prep shakes! 

I drink a green smoothie every day, and have been for almost a decade! So this post, explaining “how to make a green smoothie” with all my tips and tricks, has been something I wanted to write about since I started this blog! This is a long, full post and video, so settle in as we get started!  

I’ll start by sharing how to make food shakes! I am always ready to make a delicious green smoothie at any time. Because every minute of the morning before the kids wake up is precious! I don’t want to waste time measuring protein powder, cutting fruit, etc.       

Next, I’ll share my favorite green smoothie recipe! It’s a simple beginner green smoothie that’s naturally sweetened with fruits (no added sugars) and loaded with veggies and protein! 


I think green smoothies are best when served fresh, straight out of the blender . So I make meal shakes with all the ingredients on hand and ready to go. This means that I always have my freezer full of frozen fruits and vegetables and I make all the supplements as protein powder.      


In my opinion, bananas are an essential ingredient in making the best green smoothies for both their natural sweetness and creamy texture. So be sure to buy designated freezer bananas for smoothies when you go shopping! 

Let the bananas ripen and then cut them into halves or thirds. Quick freeze on a baking sheet, then transfer to an airtight freezer safe container for storage!  


This green smoothie recipe calls for 1 cup of frozen fruit plus a frozen banana. Using frozen fruits and vegetables is key for thicker and creamier green smoothies. You will notice that I don’t use ice in any of my smoothie recipes , because it dilutes the flavor and gives the smoothies an icy texture, which I’m not a fan of.            

I recommend stocking up on frozen fruit in the winter when products are not available. During the summer, shop for seasonal items on sale and instantly freeze them the same way as bananas.  


Here are some fruit suggestions to use in this green smoothie recipe. In this post I used half mango and half pineapple, which is my favorite combination! Keep in mind that if you use darker fruits like blueberries, blackberries, cherries, etc., the color will change and you will likely make a brown smoothie that is delicious but not green in color.

  • mango
  • pineapple
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • peaches
  • cherries
  • oranges
  • grapefruit


If you’re making this simple green smoothie recipe as a beginner, I highly recommend sticking with spinach as your green of choice. I buy several 2.5-pound bags of fresh spinach from Costco every time we go (usually every two months) and toss them right in the freezer when we get home from our trip. That way, I know that the spinach is fresh and that I am in storage for months to come. Here are some other suggestions: 

  • spinach
  • kale
  • swiss chard
  • romain lettuce
  • beet greens
  • carrot tops
  • collard greens
  • celery


If you don’t have a lot of room in your freezer, you can take the fresh spinach (or other veggies of your choice) and mix it with a small amount of water until the mixture is smooth. Then freeze in ice cube trays and store frozen vegetable cubes in an airtight container in the freezer. I used to do this when we lived in a condo and didn’t have an extra freezer in the basement!  


Measuring add-ons for my green smoothies has been a game changer for me! I wake up early and take care of my baby, I exercise, I shower, I have breakfast and I have my coffee before my 5 children wake up. So I have the morning routine reduced to a science to have as much time alone as possible before 7:30 am!       

So I measure out the shake ingredients in these little containers and make shakes for two weeks at a time. I even have a drawer just below my Vitamix blender where I keep the containers for easy access. All I have to do is open the lid and dump the ingredients – no measuring required!            


I started adding add-ons to my green smoothie recipes when my third baby was born. A few scoops of nutritional enhancers gave me more energy throughout the day and made the green smoothies taste even better! So here are some of my suggestions!  

  •       Protein Powder – This is my favorite plant-based whey-free protein powder in vanilla and chocolate .          
  •       Collagen Powder – A Protein Booster with a Neutral Taste! It’s good for gut health too!   
  •       Maca – to increase fertility and hormonal balance.  
  •       Chia seeds : added protein without powder.  
  •       Ground flaxseed : a dose of Omega 3!  
  •       Bee pollen : increases immunity.   
  •       Acai Berry Powder – Antioxidants!   
  •       Raw cacao nibs – a healthy way to add some chocolate!  
  •       Nuts or seeds 
  •       Coconut Oil – Increases Metabolism, Keeps You Full For Longer!  
  •       Cinnamon : anti-inflammatory and delicious!  
  •       Amazing Grass Green Superfood – A great way to add even more veggies!  


Okay, now that we’ve talked about all the delicious ingredients it takes to make a green smoothie, let’s dive into how to make a green smoothie recipe!


If you’ve been on my blog for a while, then you know that I mix exclusively with a Vitamix (and have for a decade)! So it’s no surprise that I tell you that the best way to achieve silky smooth green smoothies is to use a Vitamix blender.          

I bought my first Vitamix because I was sick of chewing my green smoothies (can anyone else identify)? I wanted a blender that would pulverize anything and everything I put in my shakes and the Vitamix was the answer. If you don’t already have a Vitamix, I recommend that you get one as soon as possible.               

Take a look at my Vitamix Buying Guide, where I give my comprehensive reasons for choosing a Vitamix blender a decade ago and my top recommendations on which model to buy.    


When making a green smoothie, it is important to always add the liquid ingredients to the smoothie container first. This ensures that the other ingredients don’t get stuck under the blades! It also creates a vortex that pushes everything towards the blades for a smooth mix!  


I always use some type of non-dairy milk in my green smoothies because I think it gives them the best flavor and texture. However, there are many different liquids that can be used:  

  •       Almond milk (my personal favorite)
  •       Coconut milk
  •       Any percentage of cow’s milk
  •       Rice milk
  •       Oat milk
  •       Cashew milk
  •       Coconut water 
  •       Water (not recommended, but can be used)


Then add the frozen veggies of your choice on top of the liquid. 


Putting the frozen fruit on top of the vegetables helps push all the leaves into the leaves and prevents them from sticking to the sides.


Now is the time to mix up our green smoothie! Start blending at low speed and gradually increase to high. Blend on high speed for 50-60 seconds or until green smoothie is smooth. 


Pour the green smoothie into one to four cups and enjoy! In my opinion, this recipe makes two good-sized servings for adults or 4 servings for kids! 


To be as helpful as possible, I want to take a minute and answer some frequently asked questions about how to make this green smoothie recipe for beginners. 


Yes, yes and yes! This green smoothie recipe is packed with protein, a good dose of fiber, and is packed with nutrients! Makes a great healthy and filling breakfast or snack!     


Do not! If you make this green smoothie recipe as written, you wo n’t be able to taste the spinach at all!    


Spinach and kale are great options for green smoothies, however I prefer spinach, kale has a stronger flavor than spinach and my vegetarian cops can detect it. ? 


You don’t need any sweetener to make this easy green smoothie recipe! The fruit imparts all the sweetness needed for even the smallest members of my family to enjoy!  

The best green smoothie recipe


How to make the best green smoothie recipe! A simple green beginner smoothie that is healthy, tastes amazing, and made with 4 ingredients in under 5 minutes! Plus my tips on meal prep shakes!  

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TOTAL TIME 5 minutes   

COURSE drink, Breakfast, Drinks, Snack 

American KITCHEN 

SERVINGS 2 servings   

CALORIES 202.9 kcal   




Usual common metric



  •       1 ½ cups unsweetened almond milk    
  •       2 cups frozen spinach *      
  •       1 medium frozen banana    
  •       1 cup of fruit of your choice **    
  •       Optional add-ons: protein powder , bee pollen, collagen, etc.  



  1.                                      Place the ingredients in the bowl of a Vitamix blender in the order listed.
  2.                                      Start blending at low speed and increase to high.
  3.                                      Blend on high speed for 50-60 seconds until mixture is smooth.
  4.                                      Pour into glasses and enjoy!


Best Green Smoothie Recipe

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  •       * If you are a beginner when it comes to green smoothies, I suggest you use all the spinach for the best flavor and texture. You can also use kale, lettuce, etc. 
    •            2 cups of spinach is equal to 85g or 3oz of fresh spinach.
  •       ** My favorite fruit combination is ½ cup frozen mango and ½ cup frozen pineapple, but feel free to use your favorite fruits! Suggestions; apples, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, oranges, etc.  
  •       Nutritional information is calculated using spinach, 1/2 cup pineapple, 1/2 cup of mango and 1 tablespoon of vanilla Orgain protein powder.    


Servings: 0.5 recipe Calories: 202.9 kcal Carbohydrates: 34.5 g Protein: 13.1 g Fat: 4.2 g Saturated fat: 0.1 g Polyunsaturated fat: 0.5 g Monounsaturated fat: 1.2 g Sodium: 208.2 mg Potassium: 542 mg Fiber: 6.5 g Sugar: 17.3 g Vitamin A: 3560 IU Vitamin C: 42.9 mg Calcium: 378 mg Iron: 3.5 mg                                                               

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Here are some of my favorite healthy green smoothie recipes!

The best green smoothie recipes


Go to the recipe  

We love green smoothie recipes because you can drink your breakfast smoothie and get a serving of veggies at the same time!  

Green milkshake

Volume 0%

Don’t be intimidated by the color, I promise you there are plenty of green smoothie recipes that hide the bitter taste of energetic greens, but give you all the benefits at the same time.

Why make a green smoothie?

Oh the burning question, are green smoothies really that good for you? If you do them right, they are! Green smoothie recipes can be great for getting a LOT of nutrition in one go.    

In most green smoothies, the green color comes from the vegetables you use, like kale and spinach. Vegetables can be boring to eat, but when you put them in a smoothie. It is easy and windy. The greens are:    

  •            High fiber content  
  •            Packed with protein 
  •            Packed with vitamins and minerals.  

How to make a green smoothie

Let’s take a look at exactly what you need to make the perfect green smoothie! At Fit Foodie Kitchen, we use a basic recipe that we deviate from based on what’s in the fridge and what our bodies crave. 

So … what’s in a green smoothie?

Frozen Fruit – We like to use frozen fruit to omit the ice from our green smoothies so you can get a smoother, creamier smoothie. We recommend banana, berries, mangoes, pineapple, etc. For a single serving, use about 1 cup of frozen fruit.  

Greens – Obviously, all green smoothies have some kind of green! Whether it’s spinach, kale, or micro-greens, any type of green will work. Here are our favorites:   

  •            Spinach
  •            kale
  •            microgreens
  •            Arugula
  •            baby kale
  •            lettuce
  •            beet greens

professional advice

Instead of throwing out veggies that are about to go bad, freeze them and use them later in a green smoothie! Try to pack as many veggies as you can … no less than 1 cup! 

Milk / Liquid: You will need some kind of liquid for your green smoothie and our favorite is almond milk. While you can use any type, we found that unsweetened almond milk isn’t super overwhelming and makes a great base milk for just about any smoothie. Use between 1/2 cup and 1 cup for a single serving.  

Other liquid options include: orange juice, water, coffee, coconut milk, oat milk, cranberry juice, and apple juice.

Seeds, because why not amp up your green smoothie with more nutrition? We try to get about 1/2 tablespoon of ground seeds like flax or chia per shake. 

Kitchen accessories for smoothies

The only thing that has made the difference time and time again to really pulverize your veggies so you CAN’T taste them is a high speed blender .   

Here are some of our favorite kitchen accessories (and protein powder!) Not only to help you make your smoothie, but to drink it too!




Plant Based Protein


Ninja Professional Kitchen System


Mason Jars

What vegetables to put in a smoothie?

The most popular vegetables for a green smoothie are kale or spinach.

Can you use frozen vegetables for a green smoothie?

Both fresh and frozen veggies work for a green smoothie!

Is it okay to drink a green smoothie every day?

It’s 100% okay to drink a green smoothie recipe every day.

What does a green smoothie do to your body?

Green smoothies add fiber, protein, and tons of vitamins and minerals that help detoxify your body.

Does the green smoothie make you poop?

Green smoothies are usually made with kale or spinach, which are rich in fiber and help your digestive system. So yeah, green smoothies help you poop! 

Can you make a green smoothie ahead of time?

You can easily make any smoothie ahead of time. Store your smoothie in the refrigerator and drink for the next 1-2 days. 

You can even pop it back into the blender and add a handful of ice to make it more like a smoothie the next day.

Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

Looking for a delicious green smoothie recipe? Take a look at our favorite green smoothie base recipe and then deviate from it with your favorite add-ons to get your very own green smoothie. 

Preparation: 5 minutes Cooking: 0 minutes Total: 5 minutes     




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  •              1 cup frozen fruit (banana, mixed berries, tropical mix)  
  •              1 cup fresh greens (spinach, kale, or arugula)  
  •              1/2 – 1 cup milk (almond, soy, coconut, cow, etc.)      
  •              1/2 tablespoon of ground seeds (flax, chia, etc.)  


  1. Place all ingredients in a high speed blender .   
  2. Blend over high heat until smooth. We recommend starting with 1/2 cup of milk and working your way up from there depending on how thick you like your shakes. 
  3. Serve immediately.


  1.   Our favorite frozen fruit to use in green smoothies is the banana because it is sweeter than the average fruit and adds a delicious flavor.


Serving Size: 1 Calories: 146 Sugar: 14 Fat: Carbs: 30 Fiber: Protein: 3                    

The 3 best vegetables for a green smoothie

I was totally that girl who was intimidated into drinking green smoothies because of the color. I mean, drinking something green is kind of scary ?  

Thought I’d chat about the top 3 types of veggies that you can add to your green smoothie … especially for those starting out in front of expert green smoothie drinkers!


Newbie to Green Smoothies – I would definitely suggest starting with fresh or frozen spinach as your green option! Spinach has a very mild flavor compared to many other veggies and if you do it right, you won’t even be able to taste it!  


Green Smoothie Princess: Not a beginner, but not an expert? Try kale! Fresh or frozen kale is a big step up from spinach, but not a hype. We suggest buying kale on the stem, not the prepackaged kind for best results.    


Green Smoothie Queen: If you’re a green smoothie connoisseur, I suggest arugula be your next green pick! Arugula is spicy, flavorful, and packed with lots of antioxidants!  

Green smoothie add-ons

We shared our basic green smoothie above, but don’t let that detract you from adding other amazing ingredients to your smoothie!

There are so many other things you can add to your smoothie to give it a different flavor or to help you serve a different purpose for your health and wellness journey. Here are some green smoothie add-on suggestions: 

  •            greek yogurt
  •            walnuts
  •            nut butter
  •            excerpts
  •            matcha
  •            cold beer
  •            coconut oil
  •            protein powder
  •            spices
  •            Fresh herbs

I also wanted to point out that you can totally take your favorite smoothie recipe, just add a handful of veggies to that! It’s as easy as that. 

Bowl vs Glass

And now, the real question … do you go for the bowl against the glass? Well, bowling has its benefits! 


  •            You can use a spoon! Is anyone else obsessed with spooning smoothies or is it just me? 
  •            Hedging on Hedging. Dressings are a great way to turn your green smoothie recipe into a more complete and filling meal! Add toppings like granola, fresh fruit, nuts, and seeds to complete your bowl.  


  •            On-the-Go. Green smoothies in a glass are great to go. You can even find reusable smoothie cups to go these days to make your green breakfast smoothie a breeze.  
  •            Straws: There is definitely a crazy amount of followers of people who love to eat and drink with a straw. Well then you are probably a classic green smoothie type of girl who loves to drink her smoothie out of a glass.  

 Hope you enjoyed this post.