How to Get a Bigger Bum – Tone, Round and Enlarge Your Glutes Top Secrets

How to enlarge your glutes

This training combines the best glute exercises designed to aim at your entire butt, tone, round and enlarge your glutes. These will tone, lift, round and enlarge your buttocks.


Do this training circuit and you will know exactly how to get a bigger butt.

One Deadlift

The dead weight of a leg is a great variation to work the same muscles as the deadlift, without the need for a bar.

1. Hold a kettlebell or kettlebell with one hand and move the leg from the same side backwards. Adjust your balance to lean on your other leg.

2. Follow all safety procedures of a standard deadlift, keep your back straight, keep your head facing forward (do not move your neck) and hold center.

3. Slightly bend the leg you stand on while leaning forward. As you lower the weight, send your other leg back.

4. Once you feel a stretch build up in the hamstring of the leg you are standing on, tense the gluteus in that leg to send your torso up until you’re right again. This is a representative.

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Squat with lateral lift of the leg

This is a great dynamic movement to hit multiple muscle groups.

These squats help prepare the buttocks, with the lateral lifts of the legs hitting the outside of the buttocks to help shape them. Do this for a few weeks and you will no longer be asking how to get a bigger butt.

1. Hold a weight in each hand, cleaned up to shoulder height. Perform a standard squat, going down an inch or two above the ground.

2. Squeeze your glutes and hamstrings to send your torso up. As you are almost standing straight again, lift one leg to the side, squeezing the buttocks, the core and the hip abductors.

3. Hold your leg on top for 1-2 seconds before lowering it slowly again. This is a representative.

4. Repeat for the other leg.

Glute Raise Bank

The gluteal augmentation is essentially a two-legged donkey kick, which adds variation to your training.

1. Lie on your forehead on a bench, with your hips at the end so your feet can touch the floor while your legs are straight.

2. Lift your legs off the floor, keeping them bent at the knee.

3. Tense the buttocks to lift both legs at the same time towards the sky. Squeeze on top for 2-3 seconds.

4. Slowly lower your legs down. This is a representative.

DB Step Ups

Step ups are an easy way to strengthen your quadriceps and glutes.

1. Find a raised platform, bench or chair. Place one foot on the platform, making sure it is secure and firm. Keep a dumbbell in each hand for strength.

2. Squeeze the quadriceps on the raised leg to raise your body and climb onto the platform.

3. Slowly release and lower again.

4. Repeat for the other leg.

Lateral Lunge

1. Start with your feet separated at the hips, place your hands on your hips. Keep your back straight and your shoulder blades joined.

2. Send one leg to the side, squatting while supporting your leg and stationary hands. Hold for 2-3 seconds.

3. Push back on your bent leg, returning to a standing position.

4. Repeat on the other side.

Sumo Squat Jumps

To accompany the closed squat, the sumo squat variation helps you hit the inside of the legs more.

1. Stand with your feet wide enough to point outward at a 45-degree angle. Make sure your spine is in a straight and neutral position. Make sure your weight is on your heels.

2. Squeeze the muscles of your leg and your center as you lower your body down, use your hands to maintain balance if necessary. Lower until your butt is an inch or two off the ground. Hold for 1-2 seconds.

3. Explosively squeeze the muscles of your leg and your center to jump up. Land gently before slowly moving to your second squat.

Split Bulgarian squat

The split squat is a great exercise that will make you feel all day. Do you want to know how to get a bigger ass? That is how!

1. Place the ball of one foot on a stable and elevated platform behind you.

Put your weight mainly on the front leg that is in front of the platform.

When performing the squat, your knee should be directly on your foot at its lowest point.

This determines by far in front of the platform that your foot should be.

2. Bend the knee of your front leg and lower it into a single-leg squat. Keep your core tight. Lower until your knee is directly on your foot and your other knee is an inch or two above the floor. Hold for 2-3 seconds.

3. Squeeze the glutes, elevating you to the starting position.

4. Repeat for the other leg.

Single Leg Bridge Chair

Placing the shoulders on a chair or bench adds difficulty to the glute bridge.

Removing a leg makes it even more difficult by reducing its stability.

1. Sit on the floor in front of the bench, resting the back of your shoulders on it.

2. Bend your knees and place one flat foot on the floor, and the other in front of you, resting on the heel.

3. Squeeze your buttocks and push with your flat foot on the floor to lift your hips and other legs off the floor until your knees, hips and shoulders are aligned. Hold for 2-3 seconds at the top.

4. Slowly release it down until your hips are on the floor.

Donkey Kicks

1. Start with your hands and knees. Place your hands directly under your shoulders.

2. Squeeze the gluteus, kicking one leg back towards the sky with the knee bent, squeezing the top for 2-3 seconds.

3. Slowly return the leg until it is in both knees.

4. Repeat for the other leg.

Pistol guns.

If you have found yourself wondering how to get a bigger butt, pistol squats are the answer!

The pistol squat is the king of the lower body, bodyweight exercises. It is very difficult to master, but incredible in the construction of strength and the size of the legs without weights. Also, it’s a great party trick!

1. Stand on one leg, achieving balance and making sure your weight goes through the heel. Extend your arms in front of you and lift the other leg so that the knee bends.

His raised leg will form a counterweight to give him stability.

2. It really squeezes your core and the leg you’re standing on. Slowly bend the leg down the torso down. Take it slow.

3. At the lowest point, your butt should be an inch or two off the ground and your other leg should extend straight in front of you.

4. Squeeze your leg again, slowly lifting your body up again. (congratulations!)

5. Repeat on the other leg.

How to Make Your Butt Rounder in Just 2 Weeks (VIDEO)

How to make butt rounder and bigger and your hips wider?

These awesome tips will help you to build the toned butt and get in sharp fast!

You will get to know what to eat and which exercises to do to achieve the desired result!

We are regularly told that we are what we eat.

So, does it mean that if you are dreaming of round buttocks, you must consume coconuts?

Well, not exactly. To get your buttocks in shape, eating the right food is just as important as physical training!

You will get to know what to eat and which exercises to do to achieve the desired result!


Glute-Strengthening workout 1:05 Squats 1:23 Lunges 1:59 Butt bridge 2:23 Phase 2 Healthy diet 2:57 Excess of anything is bad 3:24 Eat at least one piece of fruit per day 3:41 Proteins 4:00 Carbohydrates 4:46 Fat 5:38 Vegetables 6:42


It would be so simple to eat a magic pill. Unfortunately, nothing is that easy in this world. Making your buttocks bigger without exercise is just not possible. However, there is good news!

Everybody can do it with just a bit of enthusiasm and motivation! Your nutrition after a workout during the recovery period.

Why is it so important? After hard exercise, your buttocks are in the repair cycle, and it is essential to choose the right amount and, especially, type of food to make sure that your butt will grow bigger and firmer.

Don’t forget my number one recommendation for losing weight, you must try this now, see you soon.

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